Thrillers With a Conscience - TV Dramas You Don't Want to Miss

Everyone has been talking about the hit BBC drama, Bodyguard, and if you haven’t seen it yet - or, more surprisingly, haven’t seen any spoilers - it should be top of your catch-up list. Another great crime drama currently on screens is Informer. Together the shows demonstrate a trend in popular crime dramas featuring stories that revolve around exposing the corruption of the police and political elites -  while hitting on current fears, such as terrorism - to deliver strong messages to their audiences.

Bodyguard is set around the fictional character of Police Sergeant David Budd, who is assigned to protect the ambitious Home Secretary Julia Montague, whose political standpoints are in complete conflict with his own and is suspenseful from beginning to end.

The opening sequence is one of the most tense initial 20 minutes ever shown on screen and sets an immediate standard for the calibre of the show. Pace can often feel a little slow in dramas. Laborious sequencing is a downfall of many and something I felt when watching another show on our screens at the moment, Little Drummer Girl. For a Le Carré spy thriller, the pace doesn't seem to be quick enough, resulting in dwindling attention - a real shame considering its wonderful cast.

Bodyguard, and its "father" show, Line of Duty - also written by Jed Mercurio - present intricate plots told at a speed which keeps you engaged. At the same time, they discuss important issues. Bodyguard concludes with powerful messages about men's mental health and teaches us not to underestimate women. Set a weekend aside to binge watch both in their entirety – once you start you won’t stop, believe me!

Informer is a refreshing addition to the list of television dramas, boasting an ethnically diverse cast and depicting youth culture - something not often seen in primetime drama. The main plot follows Raza, a young Asian man, who is recruited as an informer to gather information for a case related to a terrorist cell. A sub plot explores the previous undercover operation of his handler that is still creeping into his life. Their dealings raise questions about the morality of undercover operations and how far is too far.

Just like Bodyguard and Line of Duty, Informer displays a trend in our infatuation as an audience for dramas depicting police corruption, secret intelligence and counter-terrorism operations. Informer brings a fresh look at those themes by taking us into that world through a young man from inner city London.

And, while we’re hooked on the action, the shows subtly introduce messages and questions of morality to the audience. We are being spoiled by an incredible selection of drama series at the moment so enjoy it while you can!