Survivors Unite Comes to UoM

A new support group for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence is coming to the University of Manchester. Survivors Unite has been set up by Part-Time Women's Officer, Emilia Jenkins, as a place for survivors of all ages, genders and sexualities to find support and solidarity.

Meetings will take place in varying locations around the University Campus every Wednesday at 2pm. The group will meet for the first time on February 13th.

Emilia explains that going through experiences of sexual violence and/or abuse can be incredibly isolating so she set up the group to turn the university into a more supportive community. The group will of course delve into survivors' feelings but there will also be food and good company.

She says, "let's come together to make what can be a long and painful road to recovery a hell of a lot less isolating, and a hell of a lot less dark."

There's no reason to feel scared or ashamed about joining Survivors Unite. In a poll carried out by Revolt Sexual Assault and The Student Room, eight percent of female respondents reported being raped at university so, if you've been through or are going through sexual violence or abuse, you're less alone than you think. Survivors Unite is a place for survivors to gather, eat good food and just hang out.

The location of Survivors Unite meetings will change each week to protect survivors and ensure the security of the programme. To be put on the group's anonymous mailing list and be updated on the locations, email [email protected].