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Part two of our Manchester location guide- sweet, treats and so much more!


55 Thomas Street / Northern Quarter / Manchester / M4 1NA


Teacup is located in the trendy epicenter of the Northern Quarter, Thomas Street, and is surrounded by popular art galleries and vintage clothing shops. It has fast become my favourite place as it offers a cute dining experience with all their mouthwatering homemade cakes on display. From their wacky four layered rainbow cake to their equally delicious pistachio cake, it’s hard to keep temptation at bay!

Hence the name, Teacup specializes in over 50 varieties of teas from your English breakfast to the daring and beautiful rose bud tea. All are served in huge pots, which are constantly refilled by the attentive waitresses and are perfectly brewed; and you are given cute egg timers to make your tea just right! The rose bud tea is so beautiful, being served in a glass pot and cup so you can see your flowers brewing away.

The kitchen cook up the most amazing breakfast that the Northern Quarter has to offer. Their eggs Benedict is a dream as are their soft-boiled eggs. The new extensive lunch/dinner menu ranges from fish and chips and pizza, to soups and home made pies. For lunch I recommend the chicken pie, which is dashed in the most mouthwatering gravy- I haven’t tried the vegetarian option but the salmon pie sounds just as tempting!


Bad: Expect long queues on the weekend- try and beat them by heading there early. It is pricey for students (£9 for a pie), but you will feel ready to burst at the seams due to the triple layered cakes!

Good: Offers everything your heart desires- wide selection of teas, cakes and treats. It is a fun dining experience, and their breakfast is the perfect hangover cure…

Opening times

Sunday – Wednesday: 10:00   – 18:00

Thursday – Saturday: 10:00   – 20:00

(Photo credit to blogspot.com, tumblr)

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