Louis Theroux's Latest Documentary Explores Sexual Assault at University

Louis Theroux will return to screens on March 4th with his latest documentary, The Night in Question, which explores sexual assault and issues of consent at American universities.

Research has found that an estimated one in four students at American universities have been subjected to sexual assault, a statistic echoed in the UK according to a study by Revolt Sexual Assault and The Student Room.

As a result, the government has urged US colleges to enforce a stricter code of sexual conduct amongst students and allowed them to permanently exclude those they deem 'responsible'. For victims of sexual assault, this new approach is not only necessary but long overdue. However, alleged perpetrators believe the attempt to be more vigilant has turned into an overreaction that ultimately harms innocent people.

The BBC's synopsis of the documentary reveals that Theroux heads to American college campuses and interviews students being accused of sexual assault as well as victims whose complaints had fallen on deaf ears before the new approach was introduced. He is drawn into the complex world of university rape culture as well as the 'he said, she said' nature of crimes concerning sexual violence.

Given the current prevalence of sexual assault in university communities, it's important that institutions are constantly taking steps to more effectively deal with allegations and prevent such crimes from happening in the first place. Documentaries such as The Night in Question are a great way of starting conversations about how they can provide the best level of care and protection to all their students.

BBC Two will broadcast The Night in Question on March 4th at 9pm. The programme will be available on BBC iPlayer shortly after.