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Liam Hughes


Name: Liam Hughes (pictured left)

Age: 20

Course: Biochemistry

Hometown: Wallasey, Wirral

Favourite place in Manchester: Any cricketing facility

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years: Hopefully some kind soul has decided to employ me by then...

Celebrity crush: Very cliche, but definitely Mila Kunis. Absolute goddess.

One thing that attracts you most to a girl: Ambition

Where in Manchester are you most likely to be found: Either 256 on a saturday night with the lads, or in krunchy fried chicken immediately after.

What would be your ideal date: A nice chill out in the sun, followed by a few drinks!

Favourite hobbies: Cricket, football, bowling, pool, squash, gym...most sports! Except golf, i'm awful at that.

Relationship status: In a Relationship


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