Josh White

Name: Joshua White (pictured on the right)

Age: 21

Course: Chemistry

Hometown: Bath

Favourite place in Manchester: Old Trafford; the theatre of dreams.

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years: Working for a multi-national company that allows me to travel a lot.

Celebrity crush: I don’t really have one right now. When I was younger it was Rebecca Romijn and I also had a thing for Jessica Alba.

One thing that attracts you most to a girl: A sense of humor, She has to be able to laugh at herself. And laugh at me, more importantly.

Where in Manchester are you most likely to be found: Definitely in the lab. My project is taking up a lot of time so I’m normally working in the lab for around 20 hours each week.

What would be your ideal date: Going for dinner and taking a walk on the beach.

What are your favourite hobbies: Football and outdoorsy things. I like to think I know stuff about American sports now but I really don’t.

Relationship status: Taken

(Photo credits to Josh White)