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Isobel Stocker

Name – Isobel Stocker

Age – 20

Course – 2nd year Medicine

Hometown – Sheffield – the city of steel, greenery and mardy bums, and where surplus amounts of Henderson’s Relish flows freely (If you don’t know what Henderson’s relish is, it’s the superior version of Worcester sauce).

Favourite place in Manchester? I pretty much enjoy any night I go to (apart from anything at Tiger Tiger, I’m sorry!) Juicy has got to be my favourite night out though – Old school r&b, hip-hop, garage etc are my guilty pleasures.

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years? Hopefully I’ll be in my last few years training to be a GP. Because it’s such a long course, I’d like to take some time out before this to travel around a bit. I definitely want to have a fair few kids too, but I don’t want to think about that too much yet!

What attracts you most to a guy? Being smiley!  I think that reveals a lot about what sort of guy they are. 

Where in Manchester are you most likely to be found? If I disappear on a night out, chances are I’ll be found eating a chicken chow mein in Ichiban (now known as Chow Mein) in Fallowfield. And being the nerd that I am, I spend much of my week in the wonderful Stopford library!

What would be your ideal date? A nice country walk accompanied by a picnic would be cute.

Favourite hobbies? At home I live pretty much in the countryside, so I love going on walks/runs/mountain bike rides around there. I enjoy cooking, love going on nights out, but also enjoy just chilling with family and friends. I also like doing a bit of drawing/painting if I find the time. 

Relationship status – In a Relationship


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