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I Am A Feminist…And What of it? Part 2

This societal backlash against feminism has nothing to do with the basic ideological principles. It’s to do with the social belief that it is undesirable to have radical feminism in a conversation. But of course if one fraction is radical then the entire ideology must be a social revulsion. Any political theory in which the ideologists take to the nth degree becomes counterproductive, it doesn’t fix the social issues. Mainstream then deems it unacceptable so that it can’t be implemented where it needs to be, in order to actually help society in anyway. This Anti-Feminist movement, like so many others, are fixating  on one teeny, tiny strand. That is so completely and utterly stupid. To this movement and society, please do me a favour and learn to differentiate between factions within an ideology.

– As soon as I say “I am a feminist” to anyone, people immediately perceive me to be radical in my viewpoints – and that I hate all men.

Quick point to clear up –

  • 1. I am a liberal differential feminist.

  • 2. I DON’T HATE MEN! I happen to find them wonderful, intelligent and caring people. Furthermore I do not agree with radical feminism. I don’t think many of the radical feminist ideas such as political lesbianism helps anyone, it doesn’t engage with society as a whole therefore does not solve the problems which create gender inequality in the first place. I have never said “Let’s go kill the entire male members of the human species. We don’t need them.  They screwed everyone over. They are not worth anything. They are nothing. Women can do everything and are biologically better.” Quite frankly, that’s complete bullshit. 

Everyone is talented in their own individual way and has a great deal of good to contribute to the human race – regardless of ethnicity, class and gender. Wherever there is any inequality it is our duty, not due to political or social obligation, but as members of the human race to STAMP IT OUT!

As a feminist what I am asking for is equality. The right to wear, argue and debate what I want, when I want, without fear of being objectified or touched, belittled or trivialized. Treated equally.


What is so God damn radical about that?


We must fight back. Reclaim feminism for what it is. Reshape and modernize? Yes. But keep hold of the defining principles of the ideology.

Remind the world of them.

Otherwise, feminism will die and so will our long fought fight for equality. We must not and cannot let that happen. We owe the members of the past movements, who gave us our freedoms and rights, as much.

If we don’t fight then what will become of the next generation to come?

(Image: rights go to chsaplitprideandprejudice.weebly.comtumblr.com)

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