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I am a feminist..And What of it? Part 1

Tonight, when I was supposedly working on one of my many essays, I was searching YouTube (Yes I know, naughty naughty me!) I stumbled upon a rather shocking channel. All thoughts concerning my essay flew out of the window. It was entitled: Women against Feminism.


My response: WTF?!


To you this may be nothing. A blip on your radar. You may agree with the sentiments of the channel. I am not saying, and will never say, that you shouldn’t express yourself.  However, to see a channel dedicated to women who are against an ideology which is, not just for women, but disputes all gender inequality was jaw dropping and terrifying to me. Everybody has the right to freedom of speech, I will never deny that. Yet this channel goes against everything I stand for. I come from a very long line of strong women and I was brought up to believe that feminism was the rallying call of the equality between women and men. The epitome of a free and equal society.

  • How has it become this disgusting, dirty, irrelevant and radical ideology?
  • Why are so many depictions of feminists as irrational, dangerous and revoltingly unattractive?
  • Since when has it become a crime to be outspoken in the name of equality?  Why has feminism in our lifetime been turned into a dirty word thrown at anyone who (God Forbid) highlights some of the social problems within our society?


I never wanted my contribution to Her Campus Manchester to be some long, feminist sermon. I’m not using this as a platform to rant about archaic, non-existent issues, or the crimes of the male species, or to “slag” off or shame anyone. But I swear, I will not stop writing about feminism or women’s empowerment until there are some real changes within society and on our campus. I’m not writing these for amusements sake or because I’m bored. I’m writing because there’s a problem. A toxic phenomenon is spreading within our society. It’s reversing the clock back to the 1950s, forcing us back into the social constructs of the bygone era. These women are screaming that they don’t need the ideology which gave them the ability to have a voice. Feminism broke down the very social barriers which they are attempting to put back up.


Please click to take a look at one their charming videos:


It is completely within theirs, and your, rights to have sexual empowerment; to be able to feel desired by whoever. I don’t dispute that. However, don’t suggest that feminism is stopping you from that. It’s not. Feminism is suggesting, regardless of sexual activity, that you should be given respect from society, your partner(s), and yourself. Feminism would like you to be able to wear what you want, whenever and to be able to reject, or accept, any sexual advances without fear of being called a whore.

It’s really not good enough to say “well I just don’t need it”.  Are they really saying “It doesn’t affect me so why should I care??”

– 1. It’s ridiculous to say that. Gender inequality affects all of us in various ways without us knowing it.

– 2. If the entire world took that approach then there would be even more humanitarian loss and pain then there is. As the global recession showed, the entire world is interconnected. A Jewish rabbi, called Hillel, once said, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?”.  If we do not help each other, then how can we expect help for ourselves?


However, the comments concerning politicizing “gender issues” I do, on some level, agree with. They should be viewed as broader political issues affecting society as a whole. That’s not to do with feminism, but with social attitudes towards political policies. Maybe within politics, and specifically American politics, there needs to be a discourse about gendered politics and the way in which society see it. 


How many of the women shown on this channel have actually read the feminist manifesto? If they had, I would say they have missed the complete and utter point of the book. Feminism is about equality and equal opportunity. May I enquire what the problem is with that?


To these women I say this:


Do not trample on the very rights which allow you to have your freedom. Don’t spit at every person who ever suffered through gender inequality in the hope that the next generation would have equality. Don’t belittle the very ideology which, without, you would not be allowed to speak your mind.

– Don’t miss out on Part 2, posted next week.

(Image: rights go to http://cdn.thegloss.com/files/2011/08/feminism.jpg, tumblr.com)


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