How (not) to Spend Money at University

So, coming into third year this year means I’m unfortunately still as poor as I was in my first year. Luckily I have a dissertation to write so that may stop me from spending too much money on nights out (but we shall see)! So after asking around on thoughts about spending money at university, HerCampus Manchester has compiled a collection of handy tips in order to stop that crazy summer spending.

Collecting coupons is always a good idea. Whether it’s the Sainsbury’s “you’ve saved … on your next shop” or a voucher for a meal deal at a tasty restaurant, collecting coupons helps cut the spending by more than you think it would. If you aren’t being handed them when you’re out, then websites like Wowcher always have some good deals, as well as MyUnidays which caters to students!

Don’t get snobby about brands when it comes to food, drink, or clothing. Sainsbury’s Basics vodka is almost always a good replacement as any for any branded vodka. Tesco’s own tinned tomatoes are also pretty similar to the fancier brands, they’re just cheaper. It’s important to remember you’re not at home anymore as we need to pay for our own drinks and food, so forget that fancy greek yoghurt and just stick with the “own” brand – a perfectly good replacement. Sticking to the food theme, planning meals out ahead of time saves a lot on food shopping, don’t just go into the shops and buy what you feel like (and don’t go in when you’re hungry – it’s a recipe for disaster!). If there’s a sale on meats or veggies or something it may be worthwhile to make meals as bigger portions, such as a soup for 8 that you can freeze and use as easy meals later on.

A bus pass saves money on transport, or you could cycle or walk more! (It’s healthy and saves on paying for a gym membership). Buying books secondhand from online or from someone in the year above helps on saving money when it comes to all those textbooks, and if you keep them in a decent condition you can sell them on at the end of the year. The same applies for clothes, as much as we love a new dress from Topshop or a pair of heels from Zara, shopping on apps and websites like Depop or Asos marketplace, or even Ebay could save a lot! You can also sell unwanted clothes and shoes on the websites too, making a little bit of extra money!

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