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Gavin Jordan

Name: Gavin Jordan

Age: 20

Course: English Literature

Hometown: The annoying boarder between Kent and London (London borough, Kent postcode) where if you say you’re from London, Londoners think you’re lying because you have no tube station near by, and if you say you’re from Kent, Kentonians sneer because you’re surrounded by concrete, not green. If Kent’s the garden of England, I live sort of on the patio.

Favourite place in Manchester: My favourite place in Manchester has got to be a place just up the road from Afflecks, called North Tea Power.

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years: At the Oscars, Matthew McConaughey said that his ten-years-from now self was his hero. I couldn’t think of a possible worse hero for myself (ten-years-from-now-me, not ten-years-from-now-Matthew-McConaughey, though they’d be equally terrible). I imagine myself being a chubbier, grumpier, more alcohol reliant version of myself, teaching for the long holidays, and hating my 20 year old self for ever thinking teaching would be rewarding and worthwhile. Maybe I’ll wear a watch, too.

Celebrity crush: Felicity Jones

One thing that attracts you most to a girl: In terms of looks, I like teeth. I’m not really a bum/boob/body person, but I like nice teeth. In terms of personality, I’m a bit vain in that I’m attracted to a reflection of my own sense of humour. It’s a bit arrogant when you think about it, but nothing can be more attractive than having a constant laugh with someone. With nice teeth.

Where in Manchester are you most likely to be found: Honestly, if anyone was looking for me in Manchester, I’d advise them to look in my bed. I sleep to the point where it risks falling into the ‘hobbies’ category.

What would be your ideal date: Ideal date would be go karting, though according to a number of my girl mates, that would count as an awful date that’d probably not lead to a second.

Favourite hobbies: My hobbies extend basically to reading (that my course makes redundant), and playing piano and guitar. I tried to branch out when coming to uni, but I’m too lazy and apparently cooking isn’t a hobby when you have to do it every night.

Relationship status: Single

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