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The Font is Dead: Long Live Bar Fallowfield

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Manchester chapter.

The Font closed at the end of last semester, however it feels as if Fallowfield has finally been granted a miracle. On Wednesday, Doug Simpson, long term host of Fontum Quizzics, posted on Fallowfield Student Group that although the Font was gone, something new was bubbling up. This sneak peak told eager fans that from January 17th, a new bar would take its place.

Many fans, myself included, waited eagerly on Friday for the announcement. However, it wasn’t until today that Bar Fallowfield was announced – a phoenix to be reborn on the ashes of the Font. The post, shared on both Bar Fallowfield’s Facebook page and Fallowfield Student Group told customers of their “groovy and affordable cocktails”, “extended board game collection, “new open mic night” and so much more.

Bar Fallowfield is officially opening this coming Thursday from 2pm offering 2-4-1 on selected cocktails and staying open until 11pm (we can’t have everything, RIP Font’s 1am closing time). The good deals will continue throughout the week as Bar Fallowfield are offering money off food, happy hour deals and special guests, Bombard Groover, playing on January 19th.

While this new bar will never fill the hole that the Font has left in many of our hearts – please read our previous obituary to the Fallowfield favourite – the promise of cheap cocktails and the same cheerful bar staff has really brightened up our day and ruined dry January.

So ditch that revision. Say sod it to the essay. Get your arse down to experience the new(ish) bar on Wilmslow Road.

The Font is dead. Long live Bar Fallowfield.

Hana Kelly

Manchester '19

I'm a student. What else is there to say expect that I'm being blamed for the ruining of Britain simply by being here . Maybe instead I should go outside and get a bit rowdy, would that make everyone happier? No. I didn't think so. So instead, I'll just buy another denim dress, maybe another crop top and continue to be curiouser and curiouser.