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8 Things to Buy for the Most Fallow Person in Your Life

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Manchester chapter.

Christmas is always a tricky time of year – it’s expensive and trying to find the perfect presenet for your mates is always a hard one. So Her Campus at Manchester have put together a gift guide of what to buy for the most Fallow person in your life.

North Face puffer jacket

Are you truly Fallow until you own a puffer jacket? The bigger the puffer, the more Fallow. You want your arms to be so puffed out that you can’t reach your pockets. That’s the look. North Face puffers are expensive, so maybe everyone in your house could chip in, or just find a secondhand one from one of those cool girls on Depop.

Pre-dirty white trainers

Antwerp might be dead (6pm to 11pm, are you kidding me?!) but the fashion it invoked is not. Your Antwerp shoes need not go to waste. Wrap them up and hand them to your favourite Fallow-friend. They’ll be in floods of tears over the memories.

Lycra flares

It might be winter and solidly in the single-digit temperatures, but this is Manchester and, more specifically, this is Fallowfield and you better learn to deal with the cold. Buy your friend a pair of Lycra flares. If they’re animal print, like this pair from PrettyLittleThing, even better. Your mate will be the talk of Cubo in them.

50g Amber Leaf 3 in 1

We’re not advocating smoking by any means, but if there’s a friend in your life who requires tobacco, then buying them a big pouch of Amber Leaf will fill them, and their bank account, with relief.


The 90s are back and so are scrunchies. This is a trend that I’m 100% here for. Scrunchies make everything more fun and are less damaging to your hair than normal hair ties. Get your hands on a sequined one to really get into the festive spirit. Topshop, H&M and Amazon are all jumping on the scrunchie bandwagon. They’re just so Fallow!

Wall hanging

A Fallowfield house is not a true home if it doesn’t have at least one wall hanging. If it’s astrological, it’s even better. You need something to cover up the damp and mould anyway. Choose one that’s colourful, like this rainbow one from Amazon. It really captures the Fallowfield vibe.

Train ticket home

With train tickets costing half your student loan – with a railcard, it’s £26 for a one-way trip to London – helping your mate get home for Christmas could make their year. Of course, you could always buy them a megabus ticket, only costing a tenner, but they will lose 6 hours of their life and all of their will to live. 

Chuck a bit of tinsel on some hoops

If you’re feeling creative but are especially skint this Christmastime, pop down to Primark, buy a pair of hoops and get yourself to Poundland for some tinsel. Then whack them together and Bob’s your uncle, you’ve got a fabulous home-made present that just so happens to be totally Fallow-worthy.

Hana Kelly

Manchester '19

I'm a student. What else is there to say expect that I'm being blamed for the ruining of Britain simply by being here . Maybe instead I should go outside and get a bit rowdy, would that make everyone happier? No. I didn't think so. So instead, I'll just buy another denim dress, maybe another crop top and continue to be curiouser and curiouser.