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The 10 Commandments of Fallowfield Fashion

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Manchester chapter.

Fallowfield is not just a student area, it’s a lifestyle. And, just like hipsters wear glasses regardless of whether they actually need them, this lifestyle requires a uniform.

So, for anyone who’s ever been plagued by thoughts wondering whether your choker goes with your outfit or if that Urban Outfitters jacket could pass for vintage, Her Campus presents “The 10 Commandments” – a comprehensive list of the fundamentals of Fallowfield fashion.

1. Thou shalt always look a little undone

Your hair must never be too clean. The Fallowfield vibe is carefree and cool and a little dirt is the best way to achieve the “I don’t give a shit” attitude you long to exude. Dry shampoo is not required round this neck of the woods.

Also, the dirtier the hair, the better the odds that your space buns and French braids – two staple styles of Fallowfield’s finest females – will stay in place.

Another note – your makeup must never look too perfect. For a daytime look, minimal makeup is always a winner. Add a pop of dark lipstick or slick of eyeliner, intentionally smudged for a lived-in look, to add drama. ​

2. Thou shalt have no other Gods before Adidas

Sports brands – bought both vintage and new – are a staple in any Fallowfield wardrobe and Adidas is king. The three stripes upgrade any sweatshirt and a pair of Gazelles are a classic.

And, if Adidas is God, consider Nike your Jesus and Fila, Reebok and Kappa the faithful disciples – all acceptable brands to adorn oneself in.

3. Thou shalt stay dry

This is Manchester – it rains, a lot, making a waterproof jacket an essential purchase. Luckily, the puffer jacket exploded in popularity in 2016 and has continued its reign as King ever since.

The Urban Outfitters puffer is a popular choice, both in Manchester and our slightly less-cool siblings, Leeds [see @thatpuffa], but pretty much every shop in Manchester Arndale sells a version so you’re sure to find one at the perfect price, even if your Dark Fruits addiction has you in your overdraft.

4. Thou shalt learn to thrift

Urban Outfitters may sell a plethora of vintage-inspired pieces, but there’s nothing like the real thing baby. Also, who wants to pay £50 for a kite jacket anyway?

Northern Quarter has an endless supply of vintage stores for your browsing pleasures and Fallowfield Students Group is a great place to keep up to date on upcoming kilo sales.

5. Thou shalt not fear the ugly

Whether you like it or not [I certainly don’t], shit shirts and bucket hats are a big deal in the world of Fallowfield fashion. So, don’t fear the ugly, embrace it, or at least accept that you’ll see a lot of it.

6. Thou shalt wear thy sweatshirts massive and thy sunglasses tiny

That vintage Reebok sweatshirt you picked up? Better make it at least two sizes too big. In snowsports they call it steeze and Fallowfield is certainly a fan.

On the other hand, keep your sunglasses super-small. Creative director of Le Specs, Hamish Tame, says of the trend, which is currently having a moment in both South Manchester and the wider fashion-sphere, “any smaller, and we’d be wearing paper clips”. If the lens barely cover your eyes, you’re on the right track.

7. Thou shalt never wear thy trainers too clean

Arguably the most critical element of the Fallowfield look, your shoes MUST be worn in. Nobody wears pure white trainers so ensure you roll them around in the mud a little before showcasing them to the world.

Acceptable styles include Nike Air Force Ones, Adidas Stan Smiths and Reeboks but Fila Disruptors and Buffalo London classics are the one.

8. Thou shalt embrace the divine power of glitter

You may have heard people say less is more but when it comes to glitter, they’re wrong. For a night out or Parklife Festival, more is more and it’s the perfect thing for covering up the fact you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in almost a month.

Collarbones, boobs and bums are also completely acceptable places to slather the sparkly stuff.

9. Thou shalt honour thy parents

Forget skinnies. Mom jeans are the key shape of jeans for girls in Fallowfield and they look perfect with a pair of dad trainers, dirty of course. So, pay homage to mummy and daddy with your style choices and nobody will know you’re actually from the Home Counties.

10. Thou shalt look like thy does not care, even though thy really does

And to conclude, above anything else, just make sure you look like you don’t care, even though you really do.

Bec Oakes

Manchester '20

A third-year English Language student and Campus Correspondent / Editor-in-Chief for Her Campus at University of Manchester with a love for clothes, cats and crime documentaries. In my spare time I enjoy blogging, skiing in a mediocre manner and putting things in online shopping baskets before hastily abandoning them.