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If someone were to ask me what the best thing I have probably done so far was, it would have to be cutting my hair. For the second time in my life time I took a pair of house scissors and stood in the mirror reminding myself that I could do it again. Most people might question,”What’s the big deal, it’s just hair?”


Yes, it is just hair, but there is more to it.


Doing something like this forces you to love yourself and to accept yourself. Recalling how many times I would wear my hair in ways to hide parts of my face that was not necessarily pleasing to me. I began basing my beauty on sections of my face that was appealing. We live in a society where the majority do not want to deal with the parts of themselves that needs more love and affection. It took some time to adjust to those parts and constantly speak positive affirmations to myself. When they said that nothing is easy, well believe it girl, because it wasn’t and still is a struggle to appreciate myself. 


It was bound that confidence without hair was going to have to grow at some point. Turning 20 and attending college meant a whole new beginning for areas that were not strong. I wanted to release the false ideas of who I was and replace it with who I actually was. Letting go of everything that distracted me from achieving the maximum capacity of self love. During these months, there has been a shift in the way I internally feel about myself, along with the way I put myself out there. 


Somehow, we have inherited the idea that confidence is measured by how much positive responses people deliver to us. Relying on others to tell you about yourself, brings a plethora of negative emotions about ones self. If anyone was to ask me what was the hardest thing to do during this journey, it was to not care about what others said about me. I believe that is the best thing that anyone can ever do to fully accept who they are.

Love yourself to officially live in peace and harmony.

HELLO I’m Ariel Paul, I am from little old New Jersey, but my heart is from the big city. I am a small girl, in a big world who was brought here to influence people. I’m currently studying political science in the Sunshine state. I am all about loving, living, and trying to figure out how to live in peace with everything that I can’t control. Writing, music, and food is the way to my heart. I hope whomever reads my words, truly are moved and feels understood. <3
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