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Why Are Quirky Candles Having Such A Moment Right Now?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lynn chapter.

As someone who spends a lot of time in Bath and Body Works purchasing candles that not only smell amazing but are extremely aesthetic, I am a firm believer in the power of a great flame. Having the right candle can really create a mood and atmosphere that will transform your long day into a much-needed relaxation. Besides smell, did you know that candles are making more of a design statement right now? 

In the past, candles have always looked the same: white wax poured into a glass or ceramic container, topped with a flammable wick. However, recently we have been seeing a rise of brands that have reimagined candles into legit art pieces. Brands are now twisting candle sticks and creating amorphous wax blobs that are designed into mini sculptures for your shelves and tables. So… the question remains: Why are unconventionally-shaped candles so big right now? 

This is possibly due to the fact that many individuals have been locked up in their homes and have been spending a lot more time within their homes than ever before. Instead of burning the same looking candle day in and day out, having a sculptural style candle really levels up your home and personal space. There is also a sense of excitement within burning these interestingly shaped candles, you are never sure how they are going to burn. Whether you choose to light them or leave them on display, there is no denying the visual appeal and aesthetic of sculptural candles.  

Bubble Cube 

This design has seemed to have taken over Instagram and it’s easy to see why. These candles are cute, fun and come in a range of colors. The Bubble Cube candles that I have purchased before are from Etsy at a store called WickandWaxWorks. They let you customize your own candles from scents and colors ranging from pastels to brights. Click here to see the bubble!


This squiggle style is definitely quirky and will bring in a playful mood into your space. They look good alone but will definitely make a statement  if you display a few of them together in different colors. Another business on Etsy called YiuBrooklyn offers 4 different wavy and geometric designs along with a customizable scent and color preference. Click here to see my favorite squiggle candle! 


This candle brings in peaceful and beachy moods anywhere you display it. It is a nature-inspired candle that brings in a subtle look that is easy to plan your decorating around. These handmade soy Shell candles are soy vegan and customizable from MorningToto on Etsy

Ocean Wave Pillar 

These vegan soy ocean wave designed candles are the perfect addition to any table. It’s a super stylish and contemporary design. A business called Soibie sells them on Etsy and they are designed in the most gorgeous colors. 

Candles are known for their soothing and healing properties which is why they are often used by therapists such as massage therapists to create a peaceful ambiance.

To add some scented candle tips to end off this article: aromatherapy candles helps you feel calm and enables your brain to get into a more productive mindset. Lavender candles help ease your mind and de-stres. Eucalyptus candles are energizing and improve your focus and lastly, lemon candles can relieve anxiety and depression. So be mindful of the scent you choose and have fun with the candle design. These eccentric candles are having a moment and I believe they will definitely stay on trend. A quirky candle is just a small additional purchase that your personal space and home needs. I hope these candles have inspired you to purchase some of your own!

Kelly Webb is the Vice President and Content Creator Director of Her Campus at Lynn. Kelly is an international student from South Africa studying Fashion and Retail Management at Lynn University. She holds other leadership positions such as the Recruitment and Social Media Chair of Theta Phi Alpha sorority. Kelly is extremely creative and she loves sharing her passion and interests with others.
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