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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lynn chapter.

Shocking news: Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8, 2022. The Queen who was beloved by so many, reigned over England from February 6, 1952 until September 8, 2022. Queen Elizabeth had been in power for a little over 70 years. Leading up to the Queen’s death the Buckingham palace reported that she had come in contact a few close times with COVID-19 and was dealing with “episodic mobility issues”. Since the Queen had been in power for so long, that leaves many with the question, “What does this mean for England?” 

The Queen’s death brought many to sorrow. Before the Queen had passed away, the Parliament had a plan that could be executed as smoothly as possible. The plan is referred to as “Operation London Bridge”. The Royal family would have been the first people that knew about the Queen’s death. The death of the Queen will next be alerted to the Prime Minister and Government officials. Then the 38 commonwealth nations will be notified about what has just happened. Since Queen Elizabeth had passed away in Scotland and not in England the plan had to be executed a little differently in terms of transporting the Queen for the funeral procession. The plan that Scotland had in place is “Operation Unicorn” which is named after Scotland’s national animal. 

Queen Elizabeth’s death was common news the morning of September 8, 2022 as the word got around quickly. To pay respect for the Queen all the flags were lowered to half-mast and British Broadcasters will change into black tie. The Royal Family website also turned black to honor Her Majesty. There is also a 12 day mourning period around the whole United Kingdom. Prince Charles III also declared that there would be an additional 7 more days of mourning after the Queen’s funeral. However, many are wondering what occurs during the mourning period. 

In terms of what is going to happen during the 12 day mourning period, hospitals are to be shut down for non-emergent patients. Residents of England will not be able to shop in their favorite store like IKEA or ALDI out of respect for the Queen. All restaurants and fast-food chains are also said to be shut down, residents of England will not be able to go to the library either. Previously scheduled strikes by Union workers were also postponed to “pay respect towards the Queen”. Queen Elizabeth II’s death is a huge deal for everyone in England not only because it affects everyday life, the face everyone knew and loved is no longer present. 

The Queen’s funeral is said to be held September 19, 2022. Queen Elizabeth II’s eldest son Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, will be the next King and Queen of England. Long live Queen Elizabeth II!

Kelly is a senior at Lynn University. She is currently studying Psychology in hopes of becoming a therapist. Kelly spends most of her time at the beach or listening to music. She loves helping people and learning new things everyday!