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What to Put in Your Big-Little Basket

Big little week is always an exciting week in a sorority. A big is a mentor to a new member of the sorority, which are called littles. Depending on how big the new class is, some bigs will take in one girl, twins, or triplets. Creating baskets is always fun but sometimes you don't know what to include. I am going to mention three things that you definitely want to include in your basket. 

  1. 1. T-shirts

    It is always nice to include some of your family letters shirt and past bid day or event shirts in your basket. It is a tradition to pass down shirts from big to little. In your big little basket, you should definitely include the shirt that your little will be wearing during the big little reveal. The shirt should be related to what your theme for the reveal will be. 

  2. 2. Canvases and Artwork

    painting of flowers for the spring

    Something that is super cute and meaningful are canvases. Creating your own canvas for your little is a great item to add in your basket. Your little will then be able to hang up your artwork in their room. The canvas could have something related to the sorority, your little, or just a pretty piece of art.  Even if you are not an artist you should definitely do this. I always love seeing all the different canvases made for big and little. I loved making the canvases for my little, it was a fun activity for me!

  3. 3. Food and Candy  

    Don’t forget to include your little’s favorite snacks in your basket! Everyone loves food so your little will definitely love this item. This also shows your little that you know her and pay attention to what she says. 

Whatever you include in your basket, your little will love it! All the hard work and love you put into your basket your little will see that and will feel special.