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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. February 14th is the day most people go out for a romantic dinner, but you can do so much more on Valentine’s Day than traditional dates. Whether you are celebrating the date with your partner or your friend, these are some fun date ideas you can do! 

Have a Valentine’s Bake-Off

A fun way to spread the love is to have a bake-off. If you both love baking, this is perfect for you. You can bake anything festive you like while having a friendly competition with each other.

Love Letters

Writing each other love letters is something sweet and meaningful to share with your partner. This is a great way to tell that special person in your life what they mean to you. It is also a good keepsake. People keep letters and cards their whole life!

Movie Marathon

If you rather stay home for Valentine’s Day, a movie marathon is a great idea! You can pick out each other’s favorite movies and watch them. You can also watch all of the movies from a film franchise. Don’t forget snacks! Snacks are a necessity when it comes to movie marathons.  

Paint Night  

If you plan on staying at home but want to do something artistic, painting is a great idea. It doesn’t matter if you are a talented artist or a beginner; painting is always fun. It is even more fun when you are doing it with the people you love. You can create a theme of what you need to paint. This is a cute date to create long-lasting memories.

These are some ideas if you want to do something different and special this Valentine’s Day with your friends and loved ones. Whether you are going out or staying in, have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with the people you love. 

From all of us at Her Campus at Lynn!

Priscilla is the Director of Social Media at Her Campus Lynn. She is a sophomore at Lynn University studying International Business Management. She has grown up all over the world, this helped her learn new languages and different cultures. She has a passion for traveling and discovering new things. She is also the sisterhood chair for Theta Phi Alpha
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