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Many of us associate writing with long, six page essays for school or college but really writing doesn’t have to just be that, we can use writing to set our minds free and to express ourselves, and to escape the reality of life too. We can use writing as a form of therapy and a way to educate people. 

There are many people in this world who struggle to express what they are feeling and feel a burden when opening up to people so therefore those people may choose to write down what they are feeling in a journal or just in notes on their phone. I know when I’m upset or frustrated and don’t know what to do I’ll just open notes and let the words flow. I mean, even if it may not make sense what I am writing, at least I am expressing my emotions rather than bottling them up.  

I was always one to associate writing with school and couldn’t quite understand how an English teacher could be so passionate about writing, but once I figured out it was a form of escaping reality I learnt to enjoy it much more and appreciate the true essence of it. Now here I am not only writing in my free time to free my mind but I have joined a writing club where I can write about any topic and express my opinion to the world. Whenever I write I find myself and my mind coming back to what the true essence of life is and that to me is being the best that you can be while finding your happiness. 

I remember one of my friends in high school would always write in her journal about whatever she wanted she chose to write about, I tried to start journaling but I just never got hooked onto the “trend” of journaling because I had this connotation that if you journal you have to be creative and I am not very creative. I soon found out that by me using notes on my phone to express my thoughts is my form of journaling, and it is amazing to allow yourself to free the mind and let go of all the emotion you have been holding in.  

 Here are some tips on how to start journaling. Open your mind and don’t feel afraid of writing what you are thinking down. Find a happy place or somewhere where you feel comfortable and at peace with yourself. Lastly, let the words flow out and write themselves. Journaling can be a life-changing experience if you choose to let it be.

You will never know what piece of writing you may end up with if you use it to express your emotions, you could end up with one of the most magnificent writing pieces you have ever written. So free your mind and don’t hold back.  

Lauren is an international student majoring in Hospitality Management. She is a very interactive, positive and friendly young lady who always gives of her best. She always wears a smile on her face and tries brighten up everyone’s day. She is very passionate about her home country and educating many young people about her beloved country
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