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Summer is ending which means Fall is right around the corner! Get ready to watch Fall TV including a full line up with Networks such as ABC, NBC, and FOX. If you know me or even have read some of my articles it is pretty clear that I love writing about film, TV, and anything that has to do with the entertainment world. According to Parade, here is the Fall lineup and TV schedule for 2021!  

ABC Fall Lineup And TV Schedule For 2021

8 pm Station 19:

One of the spin-offs shows for Grey’s Anatomy, introduces Station 19;

another fantastic 

show about “real-life heroes”’ but this time they are firefighters! Andy Herrera is a confident 

firefighter as well as her other squad members. Not just fighting fires

but, of course, there is the drama and entertainment.

Even better, it is directed by the one and only Shonda Rhimes! 

Make sure to tune in on September 23rd and every Thursday! 

9 pm Greys Anatomy:

Grey’s Anatomy is another amazing show written by the amazing Shonda Rhimes. 

Grey’s Anatomy is about a group of young doctors at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital,

who began their careers as surgeons.

If you know me you know I love this show. I even wrote an 

article about “Why You Should Watch Grey’s Anatomy,” check out my article. https://www.hercampus.com/school/lynn/five-reasons-why-you-should-watch-grey-s-anatomy.

FOX Fall Lineup And TV Schedule For 2021

8 pm 9-1-1:   

On September 20th, 9-1-1 will be entering their 5th season!

I cannot wait! The show is about responding officers such as firefighters, dispatch, and police too!

Not only are these 

responding officers trying to balance saving people’s lives as well as dealing with their own. 

Make sure to watch every Monday night at 8:00 pm on Fox

NBC Fall Lineup & TV Schedule For 2021 


9 pm: La Brea  

A new show coming to NBC on Tuesday nights.

La Brea is about a massive sinkhole 

that happens in Los Angeles leaving many families heartbroken.

This show seems interesting. I 

am even more excited to see that one of the main characters in this show is Jon Seda who 

plays Antonio Dawson on my favorite show ever, Chicago P.D. 

10 p.m. New Amsterdam   

New Amsterdam is another great show about doctors, starring Ryan Eggold

who portrays the role of Dr. Max Goodwin.

Dr. Goodwin is not only brilliant but handsome as well.

Just like any medical drama series, there are always the very good-looking doctors, plus drama and the 

entertainment makes it all worth the watch.

Make sure to tune in on September 21st and every Tuesday night on NBC


8 p.m. Chicago Med   

9 p.m. Chicago Fire 

10 p.m. Chicago P.D.  

Wednesday nights on NBC my all-time favorite shows are finally coming back! Chicago Med is 

about to enter their 6th season while Chicago Fire is on their 10th and Chicago P.D. My favorite is going for their 9th season!  

Finally, my happiness is coming back! These Chicago shows are coming back! These shows are about first responders, such as doctors, firefighters, and police. Each show focuses on not only saving the lives of the city but also trying to balance their personal lives as well. One of my favorite things about the Chicago shows is that all of them connect. They are either related in someone’s way, good friends, and do not even get me started on the crossovers! Make sure to tune in on September 22nd and every Wednesday night on NBC


Thursday nights are also my favorite, especially on NBC.

Law and Order Special Victims Unit is on at 9 pm and following that is Law and Order Organized Crime starting at 10 pm.

Can I just say whoever came up with the idea that Oliva Benson can star in one show and her former 

partner, Elliot Stabler from the earlier seasons of SVU now has his show called Organized 


My two favorite characters and I get to watch them for a whole two hours. Make sure to 

tune in on September 23rd and every Thursday night on NBC

I am getting excited and I know you all are as well! Especially now that we have entered the month of September. The  shows that we love to watch will be here very soon and I cannot wait! 

Kayla is currently a Junior at Lynn University majoring in Communications  with a focus on social media. Kayla spends a lot of her time participating in a variety of Lynn’s media outlets. Kayla has co hosted a weekly segment for the Lynn radio and for the past year has been a contributor on Her Campus Lynn social media and wrirting for the magazine.
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