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This year of 2022 is a big one for pop-punk music with festivals like when we were young and slam dunk fest being ones that everyone is thinking about these days. Why do you ask? Well, the When We Were Young festival is made up of so many iconic bands from the emo and scene days like The Used, A Day To Remember, and We The Kings. For the Slam Dunk Fest, it is mostly pop-punk bands. Keep reading to understand  why this all matters and which one is better.  

If you haven’t heard of either of these festivals or do not know what pop-punk music is, allow me to explain. First of all, pop-punk is a subgenre of music in the rock genre. It started in the late 70s, but is mostly recognized for the fun, upbeat sound that became mainstream in the early 2000s. Bands from this era include Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, and Blink-182, just to name a few.  

Starting in 2006, Slam Dunk Fest has been touring all over the United Kingdom as it is a UK festival. This year’s line up includes Neck Deep (they are a great band, you should check [include link to a song] them out), Alexisonfire, The Dropkick Murphys, and so many more. I personally haven’t been to one, but I would love to one day because I find the tours over in Europe to be more exciting most of the time. Another festival I’ve wanted to go to is Leeds which is as weel in the UK. My favorite band My Chemical Romance has played not once but twice. It would mean a lot to me to watch that festival because they played.  

With the 2000’s revival trending, I feel that the When We Were Young Festival came at a perfect time. For those who may not know, all of these nostalgic bands were popular from about 2002-2012, with a few modern bands thrown in as well. It’s really cool to see a festival for 

people who grew up listening to this type of music because these people are now into their 30s and are starting to have a family and this is a great way for them to reminisce. The only other similar concert is Emo Nite which is when a famous singer DJs at a club, playing all of our favorite emo songs. I’m personally excited to see how our generation reacts because we were too young to experience the original excitement of when they were popular.  

I feel that 2022 is the perfect time for bands to come back and start touring again. Whether you are going to see your favorite or someone new, no matter which one you go to, I think we are all bound to have a good time. Hopefully the rest of this year will bring more bands and people together with the one thing we all share: music.  

My name is Lily de Rooij! I joined Her Campus at Lynn because I love being a part of the community and being a part of something people can relate to!
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