Unordinary Activities To Do At Disney World Orlando

Disney World is a magical place to spend the day! However, it is easy to get into a dull routine for those you locals that visit the parks every month. Between going on the same rides, doing the same activities and eating the same food Disney can get tiring. There is so much more to do at Disney that can get you out of this “routine”! Many different places and activities that are not much promoted can be an excellent choice for more remarkable moments and experiences at the magical land.


  1. 1. Eat Ice Cream In a Sink 

    Ice Cream

    Yes, it is an actual sink! Well a mini sink. At Mickey’s Mini Ice Cream Sink you can cool off from the rides with some ice cream. You can challenge yourself to eat it alone or share it with some friends. Mickey’s Mini Ice Cream Sink can be found at Magic Kingdom near the princess castle.

    What goes in the sink? Well, it is a real meal. It can come with hot fudge, caramel, peanut butter, bananas, cupcakes, ice cream scoops (various flavors), strawberries, marshmallows, whipped cream, brownies, cherries, sprinkles and so much more. 

    Bonus, you can keep the sink! At Magic Kingdom thematic sinks shaped like Mickey and Minnie are sold, so you can bring the magic of Disney home to eat some ice cream.

  2. 2. Watch The Magic Kingdom Fireworks Sitting At The Beach 

    Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle amid a nighttime fireworks show

    Yes, there is a beach in the center of Orlando! It is at the Polynesian Village Resort, which is a hotel that has many restaurants, night activities and an artificial beach. If you do not like crowded spaces or are just tired of reserving a spot in front of the castle this place is the right choice for you. The view is excellent and the best part is that the Disney music is played at the beach, so you can hear whatever is playing at the park. There are even light boats that show up at the “sea.”


  3. 3. Search For Details Everywhere

    A black and white photo of Vincent Price next to a table of vintage objects covered in exaggerated cobwebs

    Disney pays attention to detail which is great if you are bored during the long lines for the attractions. Look at the floor, walls, thematic garbage cans (for real) and the cast members’ outfit. There are many Mickey Mouse references in the rides and even from Walt Disney himself. No hints for this one: have fun!

  4. 4. Enjoy The Thematic Hotels Without Being a Guest 

    Adult Back View Backpack Beautiful

    Most people do not know that you do not have to be a guest at the hotels to enjoy the perks. You can go check out and participate in the various activities or even eat in the restaurants. There are many hotels of different price ranges that you can visit. 

    A top choice is Boardwalk which has many restaurants, pubs, stores and street artists. In one bar specifically, pianists make duels between them, and you can watch it.

  5. 5. Dive at Epcot

    Meredith Kress-Snorkel Selfie In Ocean

    If you like to dive, Epcot can be your place. It has a big saltwater aquarium that provides diving. Even though it is a new experience, paying to do it can be unique! There are many rescue animals and species.

  6. 6. Places To Recharge 

    Summer Girl Hawaii Yoga Hiking Exercise View

    Parks can be exhausting, especially the long lines at Disney. If you need to recharge without spending too much money a good activity to try is hiking in the small forests between the hotel Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness.

    Another tip is to go to the back of the countries at Epcot which provides many quiet places away from the crowd.

  7. 7. New Food Options 


    Tired of fast food taste and in need of a full meal? There are many places to do that with all price ranges. You can go to a fancy restaurant and reserve a table, or go to hotel restaurants that are also a good option! Many places at Disney Springs are great at food and service. A myth about Disney World is that you cannot make a decent meal. You can and it can be one of your best meals.


Disney World is a joyful and fantastic place to go on vacation, but there are more things to do than only go to parks. With planning and patience your vacation can be an excellent experience with so many memories for all ages!