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Travel Back in Time To The Best Decade! Here Are The Most Iconic 90s TV shows!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lynn chapter.

From scrunchies, nude lipstick, The Olsen Twins, and more the 90s were defined by some truly iconic moments. From iconic and hilarious shows like Freaks and Geeks, and Full House or tear jerking shows like Dawson Creek and full of drama from Beverly Hills 90210 with a spin off from Melrose Place today kids will never understand these shows. Let’s take a walk down memory lane with the most iconic 90s tv shows ever made. 

Beverly Hills: 90210

BH90210 did not disappoint. The series begins with an introduction of the Walsh family who moved to Beverly Hills from Minnesota. Brandon and Brenda the twins attended West Beverly Hills High School where they became friends with self centered Kelly Taylor, carefree Steve Sanders, smart and driven Andrea Zuckerman , ditzy Donna Martin and lastly loner boy Dylan McKay and younger student David Silver. Starts from high school friendship to college all dealing with the drama of falling in and out of love, endless series of crises, and involved in every newsworthy social issue. 

Dawson Creek

Another great yet tear jerking show from The 90s starring James Van Der Beek and Kate Holmes. The storyline is set in a small coastal area, Massachusetts town named Capeside. Dawson Creeks tells the story of four teenagers struggling with adolescents especially for two of these teens Joey Potter and Dawson Leery. They have been best friends since childhood and they are entering a confusing time in their life where nothing is the way it is. 

Melrose Place

From lying, cheating, stealing, jealousy and even murder is just another day in Melrose Place. The spin off series from Beverly Hills 90210, this story follows the lives of a group of young adults living in “Melrose Place” in California. Each of them have their own dreams, drives, and many conflicts but also conquest. Without a doubt Melrose Place was the show of the 90s! 

Freaks and Geeks

An amazing cast starring Seth Rogen, James Franco, and Judd Apatow. The Freaks and Geeks storyline is about two different groups of teenagers at McKinley High. The freaks are cool and charismatic such as Daniel Desario and tomboy Lindsey Weir and then the geeks with Lindsey shy brother Sam, quiet and gentle Bill Haverchuck, and a self proclaimed ladies man Neal Schwieber. The show goes through teen adolescent problems that any teenager goes through including acceptance, drugs, drinking and bullying. Freaks and Geeks is one of the funniest shows I have seen. Excellent acting, great music is a plus and even better, great storylines. Freaks and Geeks is a classic!

Full House

One of my absolute favorite shows growing up. Full House is about a widow newscaster host Danny Tanner (Bob Sagget) and his daughters D.J. (Donna Jo), Stephine and Michelle. Danny’s wife dies by a drunk driver and needs help raising his daughters. He asked his rock musician brother-in-law, Jesse Katsopolis and comedian best friend Joey Gladstone to move in with them. Full House is a funny yet emotional show. The show tells you how an abnormal family can overcome some everyday life problems. It is one of those shows you can watch over and over. Even better, the Olsen Twins star as Michelle Tanner (Mary Kate, Ashley Olsen).

From iconic and hilarious shows like Freaks and Geeks, and Full House or tear jerking shows like Dawson Creek and full of drama from Beverly Hills 90210 with a spin off from MelrosePlace! Nothing beats tv shows in the 90s.

Kayla is currently a Senior at Lynn University majoring in Communications  with a focus on social media. Kayla spends a lot of her time participating in a variety of Lynn’s media outlets. Kayla has co hosted a weekly segment for the Lynn radio and for the past year has been a contributor on Her Campus Lynn social media and wrirting for the magazine.