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Tips for Coming Back In-Person Post Covid

Coming back after an issue that affected the world is hard. Many come back with questions that do not have answers yet, others come back fearing catching the virus, and the rest are glad to get back to normal. Slowly countries are opening back up their public places like restaurants, tourist attractions, and schools and universities. Going back to school in-person seems stressful to many, but here is a guide that will help you get back to school without the extra added stress.


When going back in-person many students have a morning routine, but with the pandemic many of those students just woke up and clicked on the zoom link to get into class. Having a personal routine will give individuals a sort of accomplishment, that they have started their day on the right foot. Having a morning routine allows individuals to have control of their schedule and to do something new every day. When starting a new schedule, you should watch YouTube videos to get inspiration on your own routine. Starting a month before will make your morning routine a habit, it will come naturally. 


One of the many perks of staying home was that you were free from the mask, you didn’t feel like you were suffocating or that you needed to speak up for everyone to hear you. After some time, many students whether it is high school or college students, miss the Zoom classes mostly because of the uncomfortableness of the mask. But don’t worry, here are some masks that are comfortable and breathable for going back in-person. 

Mulberry or satin silk masks: silk masks bring so many benefits that will make you want to buy more. Although it does cost more for one mask than a regular surgical mask, it will be worth the purchase. Benefits are that silk masks have antiviral and antibacterial properties, which gives you the same protection of a surgical mask, but in a breathable and fashionable way. Another benefit is for those who have maskne or have acne-prone skin, will not need to worry about their skin. Silk has always been known to be good for your skin, because of the lack of friction the mask’s produce. Also, the silk mask does not absorb oil or dirt, which will help those who struggle with the acne that is showing up. Silk masks are unisex, having colors that fit everyone’s style. Some options are: Mulberry Silk, Niceroy Silk, Satin Silk.

Social Distancing

Although the pandemic in the U.S. is doing better, now that everyone is getting the vaccination, it is still better to be safe than sorry. Even though in the classrooms they are making sure that students are at a safe distance from each other, during your time make sure you are taking the precautions on being safe for yourself and those around you. By doing your part on being safe, going back to normal will become more of a reality. 

Pamper Hour

After having a long week of classes and assignments, you deserve to treat yourself. Take an hour every day and do something that helps you destress your mind, body, and soul. Whether it be putting a mask or whitening your teeth, just anything that helps you take your mind off that assignment that is due on Friday. Taking care of yourself can make yourself feel and look good. It can also help take your mind off on everything that is happening in your public and personal life. Another tip is to listen to your favorite music that helps you forget the world; music can help connect your body and soul. Studies have shown that listening to certain types of music can lower anxiety and stress levels. Choose your favorite song or try a new genre, just any music that is suitable to your mood. Check out some Facial Masks here.

At the end of the day just relax, because everyone is in the same boat as you. Yes, each of us have different problems going on in our life. But that is what makes us stronger as a community. Learning about different was on how to have a peace of mind and putting your own spin on it can make this school year just as simple and normal, and it will go by in a flash.

Alyna is Junior/Senior at Lynn University. She is studying International Business Management. She loves to use her creativity, ever since High school she has been bringing her creativity to life. Being healthy, be kind to others, and working on herself is one of the biggest values that Alyna has.
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