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The Pack Is Officially Back: Teen Wolf Movie Coming in 2022

Calling all supernatural fans, Teen Wolf is back! Since the season finale of Teen Wolf, fans have been begging for the show to have a new season. The creator of Teen Wolf, Jeff Davis, recently announced that there would be a Teen Wolf movie! The movie will be coming to Paramount+ in 2022, and will be based on the original TV show.  

Teen Wolf is about a newly turned wolf Scott Mcall (Tyler Posey), and his best friend, Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien), navigating his new wolf life and all the supernatural dangers that come with it. The MTV show had six seasons and left fans wanting more.  

It has been announced that Tyler Posey, who plays Scott McCall, will be returning to star in the movie. A lot of the cast members have recently been hinting that they might be part of this movie. Fans are very curious  to see if Dylan O’Brien will be joining the rest of the cast. Dylan O’Brien was not considered part of the main cast in the season finale and only appeared in two  episodes. Dylan O’Brien’s character Stiles Stilinski played a massive role in the show and has a special place in our hearts.  

Fans are very curious to see what the characters have been up to since the season finale in 2017. The season finale was left open for a possible future season or movie, which left a lot of room to give the characters new lives as they were starting college in the finale. It would be exciting to see if Stiles and Lydia are still together after all these years. Fans have been wanting side characters like Isacc (Daniel Sharman) to appear in the movie since he did not appear in the season finale like other side characters.  

There are so many directions the film can go towards. There are so many things to be excited about this movie! Who do you hope to make an appearance in the film?

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