Statement Pieces that Completes an Outfit

“I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit” - Michael Kors.

An outfit is never complete without jazzing it up a bit with some accessories. You can spice it up with bold statement pieces or keep it dainty and classy with minimal jewelry or a handbag. 

Say you decided to wear a button-down shirt half tucked in the front. You have the rolled-up sleeves, and for the bottoms you pair it with some jeans and a nice pair of pointed-toe flats. But wait! You are not ready to walk out of the house just yet darling. Let’s jazz it up a bit. For a necklace, let us do a bold statement. Go big or go home right? Then, you can wear a nice watch or dainty bracelet, nothing too flashy. If you’re like me and you’re into purses, let us complete our look with a medium sized shoulder bag. Now you're looking complete.

For this look, we are wearing a nice jacket that is a bit oversized, the top is a bodysuit of your choice. For the bottoms we have a mini skirt, and shoes are a nice pair of combat boots. With this look, you can wear less jewelry. For the ears, let's keep it dainty. We have studded earrings of your choice and you can also have a small necklace. Now let’s move on to our wrists and fingers. You can add a few rings on each hand. To complete your look lets add a backpack purse. I am obsessed with backpack purses. I own a backpack purse and I wear mine practically every day.


Our third look is an off the shoulder crop top added with some high waisted wide leg pants. A strapped sandal that has a 4-inch heel. To accessorize this look you don’t want to do too much. Your shoulders are already the focal point because that’s what we are showing off in this look. You can accessorize it with a choker or if you’re like me who isn’t really a big fan of chokers but has collected so much in her closet, you can wear a small dainty necklace. If you’re not in the mood to wear a necklace with this look, that is completely okay! Let’s add a nice watch and jazz up your fingers with some cute rings. Also, for your ears, you can wear studded earrings, dangle earrings, etc. Now for purses let’s find a nice tote bag. With tote bags, they put an outfit together so effortlessly. Especially with an off the shoulder look, you don’t need so much jewelry. Your tote bag is your bold statement accessory. 

So, that concludes all three examples. Learn how to balance how much accessories you use. Sometimes less is more, and sometimes the look you are trying to achieve screams for more. It’s all about balance, knowing what jewelry and handbag goes with what, and you make it stand out.