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My Top Five Favorite Documentaries That Are Worth Watching

If you are a fan of pop culture, then this is the list for you! Ever since I was little, I have loved watching documentaries about music, true crime, celebrities; you name it! Recently documentaries are starting to become more popular as they are used to tell people stories. With the world we live in today, creating a documentary is like making music because it is a story being told visually. Here are my top five documentaries!  

American Murder Family Next Door 

This documentary is a little bit twisted, disturbing but it is worth the binge. It is definitely a little bit scary not going to lie but I have to admit it is one of my favorites of true crime documentaries. If you are a crime junkie like myself then this is the documentary for you. About a family of four: Mom, Dad and two little girls with a twisting dark nightmare. That is all I will say because you are going to watch what happens next.   

This is Paris 

A documentary of the  true icon Paris Hilton. As nice as her life looks in front of the camera, this documentary takes a look from behind the screens. This documentary was such an eye opener of what it is like living in the world as a celebrity. It is you that even celebrities struggle with something. Even when  from the outside everything looks like butterflies and rainbows, behind the curtains no one knows what kind of pain the person is having. Paris Hilton is a survivor, warrior. She is strong and a boss! This is my favorite documentary for sure.  

Athlete A 

Another twisted true crime on the American Olympian Gymnastics team. The film exposes the toxic culture inside USA Gymnastics. The film also discusses the truth about Dr. Larry Nassar sexually abusing young gymnasts. Yes, this might sound sad but it is also really eye opening because you wouldn’t really think about something like that happening especially on a USA Olympic gymnastics team.  

Don’t F With Cats  

Ah, another one of my favorites starring everyone’s favorite author John Green who wrote the famous love story “The Fault in Our Stars.” The story, I am not going to lie, is a bit twisted. The story plot itself is about a Facebook group chat which also had the famous writer John Green go on a manhunt through the power of social media and the internet on trying to catch this individual. This entire documentary is insane! It is so good (yet so dark), but it is worth the watch!  


Now this one is  crazy. The whole “Fyre Fraud” was one big musical festival that never happened and scammed thousands of dollars from people that were flying to the Bahamas for an event that did not even exist! The whole thing I remember was a shock cause you had all these celebrities and Instagram influences were advertising the event on their social platforms. In the documentary though we were given exclusive interviews with the founder of Frye, Billy McFarland, which makes it even more crazy. So I definitely recommend watching this because it will blow your mind.  

I have more documentaries that I absolutely love but I will save that for another time! Enjoy these for now and you can watch all of these with a Netflix or Hulu subscription or even YouTube for free with ads. 

Kayla is currently a Junior at Lynn University majoring in Communications  with a focus on social media. Kayla spends a lot of her time participating in a variety of Lynn’s media outlets. Kayla has co hosted a weekly segment for the Lynn radio and for the past year has been a contributor on Her Campus Lynn social media and wrirting for the magazine.
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