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Jobs Online: Great Websites to Apply for Jobs

Finding that first job is one of the big pillars in becoming an independent adult. However, no matter how many times you have been employed, the job-hunting process is arguably known to be significantly stressful. From filling applications to even finding where you want to apply, the idea of submerging yourself in the process of structuring a hopeful career can seem more daunting than it really is. 

Now, before the fear starts setting in… do not worry! I’m here to help. Here is a list of the best websites to look for great jobs! 


Indeed is a globally recognized job-hunting site, awarded as the Best Overall job search website in “The 10 Best Job Searching Websites of 2021”. In this site, you can search what job title, keywords, or company you wish to work for within your desired geolocation. Along with being a job-hunting site, Indeed provides users with career advice, salaries estimates, certification searches, and much more! Indeed is trusted by many, I bet it’ll be a great tool for you.


Monster, much like Indeed, is perfect for a quick and easy tool for job searching. It’s based on a community-like landscape, where you can take career self-assessments, work on resume building and resume samples, as well as explore remote work options and even, special sections for newly graduated students. It can be adapted as an easy-to-use app on your phone. Monster is rated highly by job-seekers and hiring managers, as an accessible means of simple contact between the two.

FlexJobs – Remote Jobs

FlexJobs is ideal for people seeking remote jobs, personalizing their interface to what your exact job-seeking needs are. From a freelancer to someone looking to change fields; FlexJobs allows users to find their ideal job based on job level, work schedule, and job category. They have been featured on CNN, Wall Street Journal, and CNBC as a booming enterprise during COVID-19. This site also provides career coaching and resume reviews for soon-to-be employees.


Glassdoor approaches job-hunting toward a more company-oriented view, allowing users to find the right job through searching companies, comparing salaries, and seeing company reviews. Within this site, you can even see the interview questions that the company asks before hiring employees! It has a massive variety of job options, along with allowing users to see career path checklists for desired careers.


LinkedIn is one of the most well-known sites for job hunting. Within the site you can search for jobs in your area or desired location, look for people working in your dream company or people you wish to connect with, and even learn certain skills, subjects or how to work with different softwares. LinkedIn works through websites and mobile apps, being the perfect choice for professional networking and CV posting.

Hopefully this list helps you narrow what sites you’d love to use for your job-hunting, and as a result make the entire process much easier for you. Just remember that although it is a stressful period in time, you absolutely have got it… and most importantly you deserve it. Good luck!

Maite Grullon is a business and creative-oriented writer, currently a Sophomore/Junior majoring in Entrepreneurship at Lynn University under a 3 year intensive program. Maite is a seeker of leadership positions; being Academic Excellence Chair of Theta Phi Alpha sorority, member of the Lynn Leadership Institute, and a Student Admission Ambassador Leadership Team member. Maite holds many passions, ranging from writing to financial projects. However, it is the desire for success that inspires Maite the most.
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