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It’s Time to Get Into The Valentine’s Day Spirit: TV Show Edition

Over the years, television shows have come out with Valentine’s Day specials. Everyone celebrates Valentine’s day in different ways. Whether you’re single or taken, you can always enjoy a good Valentine’s Day episode. So go grab a box of chocolate and check out these four Valentine’s Day episodes to get you into that V-Day spirit! 

Friends: The One With the Candy Hearts 

Season 1, Episode 14 

Season one Valentine’s Day special has Chandler and Ross going back on dates with their exes. Joe sets up Chandler on a blind date with recent ex, Janice. Ross goes on his first date in nine years and decides to spend the night talking to his ex-wife. The girls decided to do a boyfriend bonfire cleansing that ended up in flames.   

Modern Family: My Funky Valentine 

Season 1, Episode 15 

Modern Family always have amazing holiday specials, but we cannot forget about their Valentine’s Day ones. The first Valentine’s Day episode will always have a special place in our hearts. In this episode, we get introduced to Claire and Phil’s alter ego, Clive Bixby and Julianna. Jay and Gloria decide to go to a comedy club show while Cameron takes care of Manny for the night.  

How I Met Your Mother: Desperation Day  

Season 6, Episode 16 

Valentine’s Day is coming up for the friend group. Barney tells Robin that February 13 is called Desperation Day as all the single women are desperately trying to find a date. Ted is scared that he is moving too fast with Zoe. Marshall receives a surprise visit from Lily while at his mother’s house.  

New Girl: Valentine’s Day 

Season 1, Episode 13 

Jess decides to have Schmidt as her wingman on her hunt of finding a Valentine’s Day fling. Schmidt and Cece find their way to spend Valentine’s Day together. Nick has a Valentine’s Day plan with Julia but finds himself spending more time with her assistant. Everyone’s Valentine’s Day plans take a turn in a way no one excepted.  

There is a Valentine’s Day episode for everyone! Which episode will you be watching to get into the love day  spirit?  

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