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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lynn chapter.

Have you watched a show and seen some similarities with another one? That’s what happened to me when I started watching How I Met Your Mother and Friends. I noticed that both shows have similarities, so I decided to investigate more. Here are four similarities I’ve spotted between both shows.  

New York City 

The first obvious similarity is that both shows are set in New York City. While both shows are filmed in different parts of the city, you cannot miss this similarity. Near the end of both series, a couple is looking to move to the suburbs.    

The Usual Hangout Spot  

Friends and How I Met Your Mother both have the usual hangout spot. Conveniently, the usual hangout spot is right under the main hangout apartment. In Friends, the usual hangout spot is Monica’s apartment and the coffee shop. The usual hangout spot in How I Met Your Mother is Ted and Marshall’s apartment and the bar.    

Living In The Same Apartment  

At some point in the series, all of the characters lived in the same apartment. In Friends, Monica and Phoebe were living together at the start of the show. After that, Rachel moves in with Monica. Chandler and Joey lived in the apartment after Rachel and Monica lost a trivia game where winners got to keep the apartment. After a few episodes, the girls manage to get the apartment back. While Ross did not live in the apartment during the show, it was revealed that he lived in the apartment for a summer with his grandma.  

In How I Met Your Mother, Marshall, Lily, and Ted all lived in the same apartment at the beginning of the show. After Lily and Marshall no longer live in the apartment in the middle of the series, Robin moves into the apartment. Ted lived in the apartment for the entirety of the show. The only member of the friend group who did not live in the apartment in Barney.  

On And Off Again 

Both shows have a couple who started having feelings in season one and had a messy on and off again relationship. In Friends, Ross and Rachel were the on and off again couple. Ross and Rachel’s relationship made both characters not be able to be with someone else. They always had strong feelings for each other. Even though it took them a while to end up together, they find themselves back together at the end of the show. 

In How I Met Your Mother, the on and off again couple was Ted and Robin. Ted and Robin’s relationship was a significant factor in the first few seasons. They both found other people to be with in the middle of the show. At the end of the show, it was revealed that they ended up getting back together.  

The shows are so different yet so similar. There is something in each show that makes me enjoy it. 

Which show is your favorite? Friends or How I Met Your Mother?

Priscilla is the President and the Director of Social Media at Her Campus at Lynn. She is a Senior at Lynn University studying International Business Management and Marketing. She has grown up all over the world, this helped her learn new languages and different cultures. She has a passion for traveling and discovering new things.