International Women’s Day: Why Celebrate

Every time this date comes around, it marks a unique reflection moment for me since the past years. The International Women's Day, March 8th, is a day to highlight impactful women in society and brings an essential question into our plates. What does it mean to be a woman? 

If I tell you I am an active feminist or have been one my entire life, I would be lying. Many times I gave it away to society's standards. But who hasn't? Who hasn't blamed a girl for being treated in the wrong way? Who hasn't thought that there are specific activities women cannot do? Why do we keep taking on the female gender for situations that are so wrong in society? 

Throughout the life of a woman, we are taught to compete between ourselves. It all starts from shallow levels into high ones. Who's gonna date the cute guy from math class? Who's going to achieve the highest score in the challenging exam? Who's gonna get into the best college? Who's gonna be the captain of the soccer team? Who's gonna be the next department manager? Who's gonna be the first one to live a love story from a movie?

While the real question is: why can't all of that things be an achievement for all of us? 

In the past centuries, women have achieved so much to gain space in society by fighting for gender equality. We started attending school, working, voting, being independent, choosing the route of our lives, expressing ourselves. However, we still compete with each other, often forgetting we are in the same team. 

Every single achievement of a woman marks something important for all of us. It is a symbol that we can do it: we can do more, we can be more. Everything that we want to do, it is possible. Looking up to inspirational female figures is definitely an essential part of a girl's life. Being this our mom, our sister, our grandmother, our aunt, our cousin, or even a teacher. Cheering and recognizing each women's accomplishments in our lives helps us remember that we can be who we want to be. 

For me, International Women's Day is a reminder that women have to unify their forces and become the best together. Even though we compete with girls throughout life, when we need someone to talk to or even be around, we look at our side, and we see another girl going through the same. Acknowledge the 'sisters' you have in your life. All women who once extended the hand to you either to support you, provide you opportunities, or show that you could do more (this can even be your life-long competitor), be thankful for them. Be around your girl best friends, your girl colleagues, your women family members, because in the end, those are the ones who will understand you the best. 

Although some women may not agree with the way you live or for what women's rights cause you are fighting for, they will surely understand you for the simple reason that it hits home. They know their personal challenges and the process to be fierce and strong. For this reason, don't compete with your female friends, colleagues, or family members. Instead, empower them. 

Looking back at our accomplishments, all I have to say is that to be a woman means to be fierce. Women can manage to have kids, take care of a household, have a social life, study, work, and still make time for themselves. So why don't we celebrate each one of us? Even if we don't have much affinity with some, they're still achievers that show you each day the different story plots a women's life can be. 

It's time to quit competing and start empowering.