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How to Take Care of Yourself on a Daily Basis

Self-care is a very important part of life, but many people do not do it. It is important to take care of your mind, body, and soul. Self-care comes in many different forms, and there are many different practices to choose from based on your passions and preferences. 


Meditation is a practice to achieve mental clarity and to be emotionally calm. Many people do meditation when they feel stressed, to help with anxiety, or even to fall asleep. Meditation comes in different forms: there is spiritual meditation, focused meditation, walking meditation, and many more. Everyone meditates in different ways and even if you don’t know which one is for you that’s okay! 

Here is a video to help guide you through a meditation:

Skin Care 

Skin care is also a way of self care. It is very important because it makes you feel more confident and prevents things like acne and wrinkles. Here are some products that I recommend to help you start your skin care journey: 


This Neutrogena cleanser is great to use in the morning and helps with dry skin.

Face Serum 

The face serum is great for minimizing pores and lessens the appearance of black heads. It is good to use twice a day as long as you put a moisturizer on after. Here is my face serum recommendation.


This Neutrogena moisturizer is great to put on in the morning and at night. It is very lightweight and feels like there is nothing on your face. This has definitely helped with my dry and sensitive skin.

Time For Yourself 

The best type of self-care you can do is spending time doing what YOU want to do. Whether that’s spending it alone, binging a TV show, or going out with your friends. Anything that makes you happy and makes you feel good about yourself is the best type of self-care. Some things that I do to enjoy myself include  going to the gym, watching TV, and hanging out with my friends. 

These are just some suggestions to help you start your own self-care journey. Always remember that self-care is an important part of life and it is crucial to try and incorporate it everyday!

Jackie is freshman at Lynn University. She is a Marketing major and has big plans for her future. She enjoys many things like fashion, going to the beach, and having a good time with her friends. Some of her passions are Art and Fashion. She hopes to have a successful career and a bright future!
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