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When we think of music festivals we think of excitement, entertainment, and exhiliaration. We think of planning our outfits out for however many days it lasts. We think of a world where nothing can go wrong. Unfortunately, this is not true. There is a lot of planning other than outfits that has to be put into motion. Here are some tips on how to stay safe at music festivals.


Hydrate or Dehydrate

At events especially like Lollapalooza I need to stay hydrated. Luckily, the park normally provides some type of water refilling service in several locations. There were so many people who were so red they reminded me of a lipstick shade. This is why it is important to stay hydrated because in this case it’s your friend. Hydration keeps you happy and keeps your energy levels high. 


Bring a bag

There are bag size restrictions for obvious safety reasons. But, a fanny pack or small camelback water hydration pouch will work to carry your stuff in too. For the past two years, I brought a small fanny pack because it became easy to hold my phone, wallet, and emergency cash. When you do not bring a bag, you risk either losing your stuff or getting it stolen. So, bring a bag!


Know your surroundings

Knowing your surroundings is the best position you can be in. It is important to know not only where the food and water is, but also the medical tents and the exits. You should know the ways to get out in case of an emergency. It is also critical to know where you are at all times because of where the stages are located. Knowing your surroundings can be so much more helpful than you could think!


Stick with your friends

This is the most important tip for young, new, or female festival attendees. Sticking with your friends creates a net of safety that surrounds you. You don’t even have to be best friends with the people you’re with or you might even have a grudge with the person to your left. This is a time for fun and also looking out for one another. 

Those are my tips on how to have a safe and fun festival experence!


Katie is a freshman at Lynn University. She is majoring in International Business and Journalism. She is anticipated to graduate in 2023. Katie is from Illinois, but adopted from South Korea. She aspires to travel the world and find stories from different individuals. Katie believes that everyone has a story that deserves to be heard. She also enjoys writing on several different topics and giving advice.
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