How Reality TV Changed Our Perspective of Love

Does love change as people change? With the premiere of “Love is Blind” (on Netflix), love is introduced uniquely. More than ever, people started to believe that everyone can find love if they want to, and the blame to that can be on Reality TV.

“Love Is Blind” is a reality tv show where single competitors go to a house to find their soulmates and choose someone to get engaged to. They have about 38 days to marry someone they just met. This show is an experiment on love. The goal is to find out if love can be blind and if people fall in love with others true personality rather than their appearance? The participants go on blind dates in “pods” where they can only meet the person by conversation and personality, without physically seeing how they look. The couples can only see each other in person if they choose to get engaged. There is a total of six engaged couples, however, some did not work out the way people were expecting. Other couples had a unconventional love story and they are still married today. 

Below is how the contestants showed the world that love is a freedom of choice (spoiler alert!):

  1. 1. When Lauren And Cameron Broke Barriers With Both Families

    Throughout the episodes, the racial thematic has been brought by both participants and what it would mean for their relationship. You can see that Lauren and Cameron love each other, and they were willing to do whatever it takes to stay together. In my opinion, they were the couple that had more potential to be together!

  2. 2. Giannina And Damian Are Still Together

    Michael Scott You Complete Me gif

    Even after hearing a “no” at the altar from Damian, Giannina and he seemed to have worked out their relationship. It shows that also though some hard obstacles may come in the way, things can still change for the better. In the reunion episode recently released, we can see their story and what happened after the supposed wedding day.

  3. 3. When Barnett Did Not Step Back About Amber’s Debts 

    After getting engaged, Amber opens herself to Barnett to discuss how their marriage life would be. She revealed to him that she has a huge student loan that has not paid back. On their wedding day, in addition to Barnett’s cold feet, everyone got a little nervous about whether he would say yes to her. 

  4. 4. Kenny And Kelly Did Not Work Out, But They Are Doing Better

    Some love comes to show what we want in life. With Kenny and Kelly were not different, the wedding did not work out, but Kenny seemed to have found a very special person to himself. Kelly, on the other hand, even though she is still single, she is happier and more accomplished with the whole experience she had. 

lgbt banner 42 North The main impact Reality TVs had on me was to open my eyes to how many different types of love exist; first love, summer love, love at first sight, platonic love, and many many others. Love is unpredictable; it can change fast. Not only that, but love can also be seen as a representation of freedom. Love has become something more accessible to every type of person than it was before. 

Has it been easier to find someone else with all the technologies? I believe we have more opportunities to find the perfect one and do it by ourselves. The idea of having the possibility to be part of a Reality TV and meet different people you would not have the chance to already changes the concept of love from “uncertain” to “it is my choice.” 

For me, love is equal to freedom. 

And you? Do you believe love is blind and a symbol of freedom?