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How I Survived a Pandemic Semester As a Business Major!

Understandably so, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a massive shock for people across the globe, particularly causing a massive change to a specific demographic: students. Having to change my routine and habits associated with my major in order to follow COVID-19 lockdown regulations has been one of the hardest and awakening experiences of my life—being an absolute eye-opener for many students like myself. I currently am an Entrepreneurship business major, a career distinguished by its hands-on experience and tactical approach. However, the pandemic changed it all. As I am currently going through this episode in my life, I would like to show you my tips on how I was able to adapt and overcome a “pandemic semester” as a business major. 

Always Remember Your End Goal

The COVID-19 pandemic struck millions of people heavily, and for some it was devastating for their educational pursuits and career goals. One of the most essential ways I managed to stay concentrated on what matters is by always remembering why I am putting so much effort into my education. As long as you remain focused on what you wish to achieve, nothing will become a strong-enough obstacle to defer you from it. Yes, unfortunate circumstances happen... but your drive will determine how much effort you put into this new stage of your life. 

Don't Slack Off... It's Not Worth It

Having new accommodations and extra time to fulfill assignments may seem as a miracle, particularly in high-stress situations during a time of change. However, don't take these opportunities as excuses to let go of your workflow. The effort you put out will be the rewards you reap, and this will come through staying on top of your work efficiently. 

There's Always a Resource

An unfortunate reality is that many of us believe that we are alone in our challenges during the pandemic, this is simply not true. I survived this semester through the support and aid of my family, sorority sisters and friends. I immersed myself into a community of people who were going through the same struggles, allowing me to not feel alone. If you ever feel lonely throughout your experience, don't hesitate to reach out to those you love. They may be living in the exact same circumstance. 

Make Rollover Plans

This tip is a must-have for your ventures into a pandemic career world and educational experience. Make plans that you are able to adjust within time-frame and importance, being able to move them to the next semester or academic year. The more advanced you are in your university career the more difficult it may become due to a lack of time; however, having established plans and ideas you want to pursue is a perfect way to make your journey concrete and have a layout for the future. Many advisors within your university can allow you to do these plans whether they concern study abroad, internships, jobs, or events.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has appeared to be the end of the world for many, it does not have to be the same for you. I understand that it is hard to adapt your life to the circumstances of the world, but it will all be worth it in the end. Please don't give up on your dreams and achievements as you deserve to thrive regardless of your environmental forces. The only person who can stop you from thriving is yourself. Actually, if you think you are alone, you are not... and I believe you can do this. Go forth and get your education!

Maite Grullon is a business and creative-oriented writer, currently a Sophomore/Junior majoring in Entrepreneurship at Lynn University under a 3 year intensive program. Maite is a seeker of leadership positions; being Academic Excellence Chair of Theta Phi Alpha sorority, member of the Lynn Leadership Institute, and a Student Admission Ambassador Leadership Team member. Maite holds many passions, ranging from writing to financial projects. However, it is the desire for success that inspires Maite the most.
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