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Hot Take: Should You Care About How Others View You?: College Edition

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lynn chapter.

  Girls are judged for what they wear, how they act, and what they look like.

If girls are showing too much skin, they are seen as a slut, but if they are covering their skin too much, they are seen as too modest; if they are thin, they are seen as having an eating disorder. If women are overweight, they are seen as fat and overeating. If women have a boyfriend in a long-term relationship, they are seen as being too dependent. If girls are single and dating, they are considered a hoe. If girls are single and not looking for anyone, they are seen as lonely. Society’s standards are too high. With this, women have become either highly self-conscious or stopped caring about how others view them.

Social media has created an unsafe space for women to be judged, compared to other girls, and shamed. It may be easier to stop caring about your appearance because of all the opinions thrown at you. What about caring about how you look for yourself? Impress yourself, not anybody else.

Girls should care about maintaining a healthy body and feeling proud of their appearance; they should care for themselves. They should put on makeup in the morning if they choose to and look at themselves in the mirror and smile; they should search for a relationship when they are ready because nobody is content being alone or not finding a genuine connection. Girls should dress for the occasion because girls should have every opportunity and be able to dress for success. Remember, people care how you take on yourself. Care about the person interviewing you for a job, or meeting your future classmates. If a girl looks put together and takes pride in how she looks she is more likely to have the same attitude about work and school.

To be your best self, care about how you look and feel because our bodies do so much for us as people, and taking care of them on all levels is crucial for a good life. Feel confident in who you are and how you look, because there is nothing like a confidence booster on a mirror glance and a smile from yourself. 

Do not alter yourself for anyone, but you. Every girl has the power to look and feel beautiful.

Ava Margolis grew up in New Jersey and now resides in South Florida. Margolis attends Lynn University where she studies Multimedia Journalism. Margolis plans to continue her education to become a therapist for children. She is outgoing, compassionate, and an adventurous person who loves sharing her passions with others.