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Life can be a pardon my french… pain in the derrière;  especially, before 7AM.

Nobody said that being successful was easy, so thanks coffee for the morning booster! For those who don’t drink coffee, try tequila or Jack Daniels (just kidding). Day drinking is one of those things that will slow you down. It’s hard to pull yourself out of bed in the morning, and my friends, your alarm is your lifeboat. We all hate the loud ringing, and for my deep sleepers, it might be necessary.

Sitting up in bed first thing doesn’t have to mean the weight of the world just fell on your head. Beauty routines can be put in place to have you feeling like Kate Hudson before a day of back to back meetings or errands. Take a deep breath and smell the roses, unless you are allergic to them, of course. If you do what you enjoy, then you are not only getting ready for work. Sometimes, having that little extra push can make you feel like a kid on Christmas morning.

Remember, no matter what you have to encounter, you are tougher than you seem; c’est la vie. People have the ability to accomplish more than the limits they set for themselves. Juggling your responsibilities before the sun comes up is stigmatized as burdening; that right there, is the first mistake. When we reframe our thinking, then the outcome changes with it. Open your mind and eyes to embrace the possibilities today will bring.

Receptiveness is as easy as one, two, three; we are limited only by the boundaries we set for ourselves. If we put out good energy, then the universe always has a way of returning it. This same concept applies first thing in the morning; it is a person’s attitude that sets the mood for the day. Just by thinking about all the positives, you put yourself into a productive mindset. Go with the flow and wonderful things will follow.

Even though your bed may be calling, hard work is the yellow brick road to success. There is no need to detest waking up early, because the knock of opportunity is right outside your door. Once you train your brain to get going, then life will do the rest. Just remember, optimism, kindness, and a sunny disposition are the red heels that can make all your wishes and responsibilities come to fruition.

Andrea Sofia Berman is a creative writer and Education major. She is passionate about children and helping people. She loves to use creativity to express herself, and hopes to spread positivity through writing.
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