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Coming up with fresh date ideas after being in a long term relationship can be tough, but there are still many ways to keep the romance alive and do new fun things with one another! I have been in a relationship for a little over a year and a half now and I’m always searching for new things to do with my significant other, so I thought I would share some of the ideas I have come up with and successfully done!

Date Night with a Twist

For this date, you and your partner will agree on a restaurant, (food related dates are always my favorite), then you will get dressed up and head out. Once you arrive you will order each other’s meals! Try and do it in secret or point to it on the menu so that it stays a surprise until the meal comes out!

Painting with a Purpose

For this activity, you may need to get some art supplies, but once you grab some paints and a piece to paint you should be good to go! You and your partner can then just start messing around with the paint, you can paint shoes, canvases or anything else and then give it to each other!

Be a Tourist in Your Town

A lot of people forget that there is so much to do all around you! Even if you have lived in the same place forever, there is always more to see and more to do. That’s why I think a super fun date is just pretending to be a tourist in your home. You can check out a local museum, walk down the main street or just go to a popular park!

Homemade Pizza Heart

Cooking with your significant other is always so fun, (even if you’re a horrible cook like me!) Pizza is one of my favorite foods and can be made to fit all kinds of dietary restrictions! Now comes the fun part: making a pizza from scratch and attempting to shape it into a heart and ultimately laughing at how it turns out will put a smile on your face and create a great memory to look back on!

Driving Under the Stars

This is probably my favorite type of date, my boyfriend and I honestly do this all the time. Basically, get in the car together, maybe bring a snack or two, and start driving around at night. Then take turns playing songs that remind you of one another. Once you get to an empty parking lot, just dance around to the music or sit and eat some snacks and just enjoy the moment!

Hopefully some of these can give you inspiration for your next date night, or will give you ideas to come up with your own plan. Either way I hope you keep spreading and feeling the love!

Katherine is a political science major at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. She has already studied abroad in Sydney, Australia and Florence, Italy and has big travel plans for once travel is safe. Her passion for travel is fueled by a love of politics and wanting to have a global perspective that she can apply to her future aspirations in the poli sci field. Katherine grew up as a dancer in Pacific Palisades, California and enjoys working in large groups of people to make positive differences in the community around her.
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