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An underrated TV show that is a must-watch is Reign. Reign is set in 1557, but don’t worry: this is not a historical show. This show involves a lot of drama and love. It has fantastic characters, outfits, and a storyline. If you also love a good love triangle, this show is for you.

The Queen of Scotland, Mary Stuart, travels to France with four ladies-in-waiting to secure her politically strategic engagement to the future king of France, Prince Francis. This won’t be an easy job as Francis has reservations about this alliance, and Queen Catherine believes Marie will cause the death of her son Francis. Mary has to face many challenges regarding her engagement to Francis and all the threats of her life. This show will keep you at the edge of your seat! Here are four must-watch episodes of Reign


Season 1, Episode 1 

If you are planning only to watch one episode of Reign, the first one is definitely worth watching. In this episode, you meet all the characters and the storyline. After watching this episode, I guarantee you won't want to stop watching. In the first episode of the show, Mary, Queen of Scotts, finally returns to the french court after living in a ministry during her whole childhood. When she returns, she must secure her alliance with France by marrying the future king of France. Queen Catherine has learned of a prophecy that Francis' marriage to Mary will cost his life. Catherine is determined to save her son. 

Left Behind

Season 1, Episode 7  

The castle is taken hostage while King Henry is away. Mary and Francis must rely on each other, while Catherine shocked everyone with a plan to save them all . In this episode, we find out how Mary and Francis feel about each other. This is one of my favorite episodes! It is filled with love, drama, and suspense.  A must-watch episode and the ending will leave you filled with different emotions.  


Season 2, Episode 22

In the season finale, Mary shows who's side she is on. Mary risks everything to take down her old flame Conde. As she is doing that, Francis believes that Mary is turning against France. While all of this is happening, Catherine meets with the Queen of England, Mary's cousin Elizabeth. Together they plot revenge on Mary. 

In a Clearing  

Season 3 Episode 5 

Mary decides to sign her claim to the English throne away as Francis has come back to her from his death. She has decided to stay in France forever. Catherine learns of a new prophecy of Francis’s life. Not everything seems perfect as it seems. Watching this episode, you will definitely need a box of tissues. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!  

These are just four amazing episodes that are in Reign. There are many more episodes definitely worth a watch as the show has four amazing seasons! 

Will you be watching Reign?

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