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Drop Dead Gorgeous New Looks: Hot Topic vs. Monster High

In the past, I had written about how Monster High had come out with new merchandise such as jewelry and t-shirts. Now, Monster High and Hot Topic collaborated on new looks. For someone like me who loves both brands, my emo dreams are coming true! On April 12, both Hot Topic and Monster High went to their Instagram platforms to release the new line of shirts, dresses, and skirts. These new pieces resemble outfits from both the cartoon and doll line. I was very excited to see the line when it came out, and though I don’t like every piece of the line, I do have my favorites. I think I can see myself wearing some of these pieces as a part of my wardrobe. To say the least—I am more than excited!  

One of the most popular pieces from the line is the Frankie Stein cosplay dress. I personally love it for a few reasons. It really reminds me of the character and her iconic plaid dress. They kept the teal plaid pattern the same as the original dress. I love how they changed it a bit with the embroidered skull accent on the collar and the lace up detail on the chest. However, I really wish that they made an homage to the tie in her dress, but that is my own personal opinion. Another piece that pays homage to the original outfit is the Clawdeen halter tank. Similar to the Frankie Stein dress, this piece looks almost identical to what is on the doll with the pink and black, and it also has the embroidered wolf skull. Other than keeping the original pattern to the shirt, another way they pay homage is adding a silver-tone studded collar with a snap button closure just like the “necklace” on the doll.  

My personal favorite piece is the Draculara tank top. I love this one because not only do I think it could fit in with my current style but it really does look like the original vest that the doll wears, just like the Frankie Stein dress. Hot Topic describes it as “a damask pattern on a hot pink background, with black mesh lining on top. Comes with hook-and-eye detailing down the front, black lace detailing at the neckline and a vamp-tastic pointed hem”. I love how they modernized Draculara’s original shirt as the original had victorian-style detailing like the ruffle collar. Hopefully, one day I can buy it as I would love to have as part of my wardrobe!  

They also have pieces that are more generic and not styled after any character. They have an argyle sweater that is pink and black. It also comes with a Monster High alumni crest on the chest. I like how this piece is simple but still brings the Monster High’s vibes. Another piece which is more generic is their plaid skull suspender skirt. This piece is very unique with a skull pattern overlapping the plaid pattern. Similar to the sweater, it is also black and pink. I find its uniqueness comforting but I don’t see myself wearing it. 

The final piece in the Monster High and Hot Topic collaboration is the skullete lace up top . Now, don’t be fooled by the words lace up. It is not your typical lace up halter or corset top. It is simply a puff-sleeved, button-up shirt with “pink plaid with skullette paneling down the center” and lace up details on the sides. I love this one because of how unique it is, and I would also like it in my wardrobe.  

Overall, I think the new Monster High collection at Hot Topic has many great designs! They have both pieces that pay homage to the iconic characters we love, but also have both unique and simplistic styles. The collection has something for everyone! After all, these looks are to die for!  

My name is Lily de Rooij! I joined Her Campus at Lynn because I love being a part of the community and being a part of something people can relate to!
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