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Calm down. Your mind’s racing, isn’t it?

I’m here for you. Let’s figure this out together.

What’s your most frequent thought? Does it evoke joy, fear, peace, anxiety, or all of the above? Are there too many screeching voices to even understand your emotions? Is there 10-year-old PTSD, 5-month-old emotional chaos, or a 2-day-old mental drought?

Is your mind toxic or toxic? Yes, I know I didn’t give another option. Truth is, whether you’re a positive or negative person, everyone experiences parasitical thoughts that disrupt their peace. They creep in and engulf your happiness—dopamine is their adversary. Then you become impulsive and weak and miserable.

Could it also be the noise in the market? Are there external voices seeping in? Is your mind a jungle of calamities? Why are they doing so much damage?

Power. You’re feeding their ego. No one deserves the power to disrupt your peace. People only get to you when you let them get to you.

Pause. Which area are they attacking? Is it your confidence? Are they breaking you piece by piece?

Quit. You need her. She’s your best self. Don’t give that way. She needs you to fight.

Do not disturb. Be still. Deep breath in and deep breath out.

Protect your energy—that’s law. Shut down the voices that do not serve you well. They cannot break you any longer. I told you, you are a masterpiece. Never—and I mean never—forget it. Don’t let them cause you to question your worth.

I command you to be free. Break the chains. You don’t deserve to wear the shackles of trauma. It’s a disease. Heal.

Do not disturb is a lifestyle.

Live it boldly.

Queen, you are the persona of courage. Feed your soul with goodness. Then wear it fashionably. Confidence is in. It will never be out of style.

Tranquility is your friend. Hold onto it.

It takes time to let go. Make sure you’re spending it wisely.

Stop hurting her. Please.  

Walk away. Make a shift. Stay in the right lane. Keep going. You’ll get there.

I’m here for you. You will make it. Goodness awaits you—it’s on the other side. The only way to get through it is to go through it. Don’t take shortcuts. You won’t win.

My dear you will feel alive again. Truly trust the process.

Do not disturb #HERszn.

As an aspiring Serial Entrepreneur from The Bahamas, Bailee loves diving into various aspects of the business world that motivates her creativity and influence. She shows the world who she is and what she's made of by sharing her perspective and values, emerging into a global statement. She also embodies leadership, peace, and integrity. Ultimately, Bailee is the Chief Executive Officer of her legacy, growing with undefeatable passion.
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