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The College Guide: Great Jobs For Your Major!

Job hunting is easily one of the most stressful parts of life, particularly as a young adult fresh into the business scene. When considering becoming part of a company or organization, it’s essential to know their values and the company culture. This will not only affect you as a potential employee but will surely make all the difference within your customer relationships and task executions. 

Although this may all seem overwhelming, worry not! Maite is in the case and happy to help you out. Here is a list of the top places to apply for a job depending on your college major. Enjoy! 

Business Majors

For Business majors, the world is your oyster when it comes to what your field of work could be. Whether you are mostly interested in social media, finances, healthcare, or analytics, there are thousands of places to work for. For example, Citi, PepsiCo, Nike, Sony, Dell, General Motors, and many more! Having a business major makes you available for managerial positions along with leadership-oriented job opportunities. Additionally, you could open your own business! If these companies are unsuited for what you desire to achieve, please partner with a local company that fits your exact values and needs an employer. That way, you’ll acquire a more entrepreneurial approach. 

Marketing & Communications

Degrees like Marketing and Communications rely heavily on team-managing, being dynamic, and business or personal image-building. For Communication Majors, the best places to apply for a job would be Unilever, Sinclair Broadcast Group, NBC Universal, Adobe, Just Media, and many other companies with positions like Business Reporter, Copywriter, Managing Editor, Web Producer, and Public Relations Specialists. For Marketing majors, the same companies have ideal marketing positions like Brand Strategist, Social Media Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Content Marketing Manager, Public Relations Specialist, and many more. The benefit of these majors is that EVERY company needs Marketing and Communications specialists! 

Fashion & Retail

Fashion & Retail is single handedly one of the most creative yet challenging majors on this list due to a numerous rise in job demand in recent years; fashion has always been a HOT topic, and this has only grown with the introduction of this topic in higher education institutions.The significant part about a Fashion & Retail major is that you can take your creative abilities and develop your fashion line or become an independent fashion illustrator, working with big-name brands worldwide! As a creative, your job can be incredibly versatile, an immediate plus! The apparent big name brands are always a desirable goal for fashion students; however, you could also work as a Stylist, Independent Fashion Designer, Art Director, Creative Director, and Design Director for companies like Vera Bradley, Tommy Hilfiger, Athleta, Grailed, Nordstrom, and many more! 

Graphic Design

Continuing with the creative majors, Graphic Design is an excellent option for those who are keen on developing illustrations, posters, clip-art, magazines, catalogs, and even apparel designs. Graphic designers can find fantastic job opportunities in software development companies like Microsoft, CNN, and Apple. Advertising Firms like Freeman, Brunson-Marsteller, and The Engine Group (who work with clients such as Nestle, Disney, and Xbox) are a great option as well. Corporate branding, consultation corporations, and production companies are also always seeking great graphic designers!

Social Entrepreneurship

Majoring in Social Entrepreneurship is a relatively new venture for many institutions to adapt, quickly becoming a popular option for many students across the United States. People in Social Entrepreneurship can work with nonprofits like the Red Cross, Network for Good, Project HEALTH, and SeaChange Capital. However, Social Entrepreneurship majors could also take jobs in international firms as Directors of Development, Managers of Entrepreneurship Programs, Social Purpose and Communications Manager, many other options! 

Hopefully, this article has helped you find some great and real-world ideas for what companies are hiring people with your particular major right now! Please keep in mind that this list is entirely a suggestion and is not intended to limit your ideas on where your current major will take you. 

Whether you’d love to work for a specific company or venture into the professional world independently, understanding the existing positions and organizations in the current job market is an incredibly helpful tool. With that being said, I hope you pursue your wildest dreams and achieve your definition of success. I believe in you!

Maite Grullon is a business and creative-oriented writer, currently a Sophomore/Junior majoring in Entrepreneurship at Lynn University under a 3 year intensive program. Maite is a seeker of leadership positions; being Academic Excellence Chair of Theta Phi Alpha sorority, member of the Lynn Leadership Institute, and a Student Admission Ambassador Leadership Team member. Maite holds many passions, ranging from writing to financial projects. However, it is the desire for success that inspires Maite the most.
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