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Celebrities Entrepreneurs: Lucy Hale New Lingerie Line

Big Kate Keene’s vibes here! 

From Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty to Gisele Bündchen’s Sejaa Pure Skincare line, celebrities are becoming more focused entrepreneurs over the years. The media world is evolving to have beyond one established career path and explore your passions by doing other things that you love, which can become a huge success. Of course, social media and public relations are big players in this one, and it is one of the most exciting things happening right now in the world of marketing.  

Lucy Hale, very well-known for portraying a lead role in Freeform’s TV series Pretty Little Liars, the actress is now starting to explore more other entrepreneur moves by taking a chance on collaborating with Hunkemöller Lingerie. The brand is a leading retailer in the segment in Europe, which is also beneficial for the actress to get more visibility in another continent. Yes, globalization is also a player in this new entrepreneurship scenario.  

Just like that, celebrities start collaborating with brands all over the world for a win-win situation. Both the brand and the artist get to know each other better in that part of the world. Think about how many brands you know today because your favorite celebrity talked about it, or even how you got to see an artist by its incredible collaboration with a brand that is your absolute favorite! There’s no doubt that the power of public relations is what makes a brand gain immediate visibility in today’s market.  

Hale announced on her personal Instagram a teaser video for her new line with Hunkemöller Lingerie by showing a lace bra, and we could not be more excited for her and to see how the line looks like. 

Would our forever Aria Montgomery be following in the steps of Katy Keene (Hale’s lead character in Katy Keene’s TV series) and designing her own clothing lines now?  

So far, the actress only posted the above video with a caption that said, “coming soon,” and we still do not have a date for her very much-awaited launch. Also, Hale was seen in Malibu in August doing a photoshoot for a lingerie line collection, which we can only connect the dots and be sure is for her own line!  

Although Lucy Hale has collaborated with other brands before, especially for beauty products such as Almay, this is a new move. Celebrities usually start their new entrepreneurship by collaborating with brands in new product lines and then expanding on their own to found their brand. What is most exciting about all of this is how celebrities go beyond their primary career path and explore other businesses’ opportunities. It shows the world that it is possible to have many passions and do more than one thing for the rest of our lives.  

A big move that celebrities’ entrepreneurs also show to the world is how beauty is always inclusive. From every body shape and background, you can look fabulous in absolutely anything. From the photoshoot in Malibu, we expect that Hale modeled for her own line, and that is very exciting as it continues to show more and more diversity in the fashion world.  

The actress is also continuing to work on her acting career. Recently at the Cannes Film Festival, Hale had her recent survival thriller, Borrego, screening. What we know so far is that she is currently located in London, England, to film her new series Ragdoll, which makes even more sense that she is currently collaborating with a European brand. 

Being a marketing and fashion student and seeing the behind-the-scenes of every entrepreneur move of celebrities, everything seems connected. While Hale is exploring other passions by designing lines with remarkable brands in the market, the actress is also developing her personal brand and building her identity throughout different markets worldwide. An intelligent move from Lucy Hale!  

We can’t wait to continue seeing more entrepreneur moves our little Aria will make and how even more successful she will become. Lucy Hale is definitely making big girl boss moves. What are your expectations for her new line with Hunkemöller Lingerie?

Giuliana is the Editor-In-Chief and President at Her Campus at Lynn. She is a Senior at Lynn University, studying Marketing with a double minor in Fashion & Retail and International Business Management. Among a lot of passions, Giuliana shows a high interest in the Publishing and the Marketing Industry. She is the author of the latest book "Brand You: How to Achieve Success through Personal Branding," which was published in May 2021. The book provides a new perspective on personal branding and personal marketing. One of her biggest dreams is to continue growing her own brand and help other people achieve success through their uniqueness. Giuliana is also a sister of Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority, and member of Golden Key International Honour Society and Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society for Business, Management and Administration.
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