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Bookshelf Of The Month: Platinum

The book Platinum by Jo Rees, released in 2011, tells us a story about three women from whole different worlds but with one objective in common: to get revenge. It is a story full of passion, luxury, reality, and scandals. 

The involving story of three powerful women, from whole different worlds, takes place in this scandalous and robust book by Jo Rees. Platinum, as the name already gives away, does not leave aside drama, luxury, and passion. With a touch of an unexpected reality, the book is truly an open eye plot for us that has never met someone that wealthy and influential. The thematic of Platinum is built around the characters Frankie Willis, Peaches Gold, and Emma Harvey, after having a life-changing event caused by the same man: Yuri Khordinsky. He did not make his pathway easily. With a bad temper, shady people in his circle, infamous crimes, and involvement with mafias, he does not measure efforts to be untouchable by the law. One thing is for sure in this plot – karma exists in that world, and Khordinsky is the proof of that.  

Frankie Willis is a 25-year-old woman that makes us wonder the entire book reading about her past. Curiously, she leaves South Africa to work in the Pushkin yacht, believing that her life would change completely. It does, but not the way she expected. One day, Frankie meets Alexei Rodokov, a handsome young man with a trickster vibe that makes her fall in love with him. Alexei asks her help many times with technological difficulties, and that is when Frankie’s past starts to show up in the story. The only thing she was not expecting is that Alex is her boss, owner of Pushkin. 

In Los Angeles, although it seems to be a different world, Peaches Gold is introduced to the scenario. Peaches is an entrepreneur and very successful, although she is a female pimp. The most influential person in the business, well related to the public, with wealthy and famous friends, Gold is an attic woman. With a very blurry background, where she came from was never really understood by herself. Until Peaches finds out and her life turns upside down, but she does not let it slide. 

Another “world” that is introduced to us is the one of Emma Harvey. A true English lady, Emma is luxurious, classy, and elegant. Part of the London Society of Charity and always organizing philanthropy events, the Harvey family is all about the appearances. Emma and her husband – Julian – are happy and in love, having a son that can be hard to deal with, but for her, their life was still perfect. One day, Julian takes a business trip to Russia, and something terrible happens to him. Emma, not believing the investigations, decide to do justice with her own hands.

The point in common of all those stories that reflect different scenarios and environments is that all of them go back to the same name: Yuri Khordinsky. A Russian millionaire, dealing with the dark side of businesses, is willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. When the three women decide to take down the cause of all their pain, Khordinsky is the target.

Platinum reflects that even though the three women are from different backgrounds, an objective in common is all they need to ally on each other. Seeking revenge and justice, Frankie, Peaches, and Emma will not stop until they take away all that Khordinsky worships. 

The characters in the book have strong personalities and values – even if some of them do not have the best intentions. With a mix of crime, revenge, and justice, Platinum is the perfect example that doing wrong things and playing on the bad side does not last long. Platinum is available at Amazon to purchase.