Book Recommendation For Perspective In Life

No one’s life is the same and people experience things in different ways. One of my interests is psychology and I really enjoy reading books that bring me into the minds of the characters by understanding their behaviors and actions. My favorite way to gain a new perspective is definitely through books. 

A fair warning: these books contain content that may trigger some people. 

  1. 1. 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher

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    13 Reasons Why is unlike any book I’ve ever read. Jay Asher’s writing style really places you into the minds of his characters. This book follows the short high school experience of Hannah Baker through the eyes of Clay Jensen. Hanna tragically took her own life after a series of instances caused by kids from her school. She leaves behind a box of 13 tapes each corresponding to a person and event/reason for why she did what she did and a map of where these events took place. The box ended up on Clay’s doorstep one day. The thing is that you only get the box if you’re on them. So Clay, in confusion, sets off on his bike around town listening to the tapes and visiting the places to try to understand why he was even on the tape in the first place and what caused pain to Hanna. This book will have you on a roller-coaster of emotions with each character. This book taught me to check up on my friends more and pay closer attention.

    Trigger warning: self-harm, bullying, rape, suicide. 

  2. 2. Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow

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    Girl in Pieces is written in a dairy format. This style allows for readers to truly feel the characters emotions and understand their actions. Even though this book covers extremely heavy topics the story was so captivating I couldn’t put it down. This story follows 17-year-old Charlie Davis and her struggle in trying to navigate life while battling mental health and addiction. When we first meet Charlie, she is writing from a mental hospital. Eventually, we learn what has happened to her to end up there. However, her struggles didn’t end her time was cut short due to problems with insurance. We then follow Charlie as she tries to navigate life on her own. 

    Trigger warning: self-harm, addiction, substance abuse. 

  3. 3. Words on Bathroom Walls by Julia Walton

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    Words on Bathroom Walls is the book I am currently reading. It follows 16-year-old Adam Petrazelli as he goes through coming to a new school and having Schizophrenia. So far, I’ve read about what happened that he had to change schools and how he is about to trial for a new medication. The book is written in a dairy entry format. How this is explained in the book is because Adam’s therapist wants him to write as he doesn’t seem to speak much. I can’t wait to read more and eventually watch the movie as well.   

Even though these books cover heavy topics I believe it’s important to understand and read about different perspectives. Regardless that these books are fiction or not, they cover real life situations. These books can teach lessons of compassion, patience, understanding, and empathy.