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Best Gifts on Valentine’s Day

Believe it or not it’s been almost two months since you had to buy your significant other a gift for the holidays and now it’s Valentine’s day! I recently just had my two year anniversary, so finding a gift for my boyfriend is going to be a difficult task for sure. So, here are some of my ideas. 

Something to consider, Valentine’s day isn’t like normal holidays, it’s a day that you make extra small efforts to brighten your loved ones’ day. Valentine’s is a day to show just how much you love your girlfriend or boyfriend.


1. Rose Bear

I’m sure many of you girls have received stuffed animals or flowers, and you never know what to do with them. This year Rose Bears are the best combination of roses and that bear you never know what to do with. You can buy them on Amazon and you don’t even have to leave your house.




2. Chocolate Heart

You can never and I mean never go wrong with chocolate, whether if it’s for your girlfriend or boyfriend, almost everyone loves chocolate. With that being said, you better go now if you want the best choices, because supplies are already starting to run out in Target and CVS. Don’t worry, you can get some nicely priced chocolate hearts and sweets at TJMAXX if you are shopping on a budget. 



3. Handmade Gift: Hersery Kiss Jar

If you are in a long distance relationship or you really like making your gifts, you can always make something cute like a jar of Hershey kisses and add a cute note that says “A kiss for when I’m not around.”




4. Handmade Gift: 100 Reasons Jar

Another homemade idea is a jar of 100 reasons why you love your significant other or different date ideas. This is always a fun gift especially if you feel like you need to give your loved one a hint!



5. Pandora Jewlery 

If you don’t have a budget, and you really want to buy something expensive, you can always buy jewelry. For girls you can check out the Pandora gift sets, here’s my favorite one it’s listed for $99! 



6. Invicta Watch

For guys, you can buy them a nice Invicta watch for a reasonable cost on Amazon, or a nice bracelet from TJMAXX or Amazon as well. The watch below is listed on Amazon for $80!




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