5 Tips On How To Prioritize Your Mental Health

COVID-19 has brought stressful times to all of us, whether it is from taking college classes online, having limited access to our loved ones or being affected by the virus itself. Because of the harsh reality we are facing an isolating path, in which we compromise our mental well-being. In this article I will share some of my best tips on how to prioritize yourself. 

  1. 1. Ask Yourself: Is This Good For Me?

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    As simple as it may sound, whether it is watching a Netflix show, reading a book or preparing a healthy snack, ask if what you are doing will have good long term effects in your life. Think about what effects you will see in six months, and if this is worth your time or you are just creating another barrier between you and your greatest potential. 

  2. 2. Drink Water

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    Often, in the agitated routine of the day, we forget to hydrate ourselves. Water is the fundamental source of our clarity. It has been medically tested that dehydration promotes anxiety and depression. The more water you take, the more your mood may improve. So not only will your body thank you for this, but your head will feel a lot clearer. 

  3. 3. Take a Productive Hobby

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    Working may seem exhausting for some, however, if you take up something you enjoy doing you may end up developing this passion into a retributive factor in your life. Perhaps you enjoy painting, or makeup, writing or even talking to people, there’s only benefits in it. There are multiple ways to clear your head and , starting by doing an activity you enjoy is a good strategy. Some people are inspired to create their own art account, make vlogs, join a community they feel empowered by or dedicate more time to their college opportunities. Make sure you have at least one thing to look forward to, and that you know will benefit you!

  4. 4. Sleep On The Right Time

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    Perhaps you are not someone who likes to establish a routine, but it is very important that you do get your well deserved eight hours of sleep and a reasonable sleeping schedule. Sleeping late can be an negative factor for your mental health. It has been proved that those who wake up early tend to feel more accomplished by the end of the day and establish healthy sleeping patterns. Remember that sleep deprivation has consequences, but oversleeping also promotes depression, so make sure to find a balance.

  5. 5. Make Time For You

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    It’s okay to not be okay sometimes, we all human and bound to break down sometimes. If you need to take time for yourself and recover the best way you can think of, go ahead. Sleep, watch something funny, hangout with your friends, eat your favorite food, or anything that may boost your spirit. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, but make sure this is a recovery period, not a defining moment. Relax and charge your batteries so you can do better the next day. 

It’s hard to guide yourself in the proper direction when everything seems blurry and you are unaware of what the next few months of your life will look like. However the one thing you can control is how you react to what is given to you, and how you take these opportunities to turn into something good. It is your choice to either crawl up in your bed and let your spirit sink by the uncertainty, or take control of your future and work towards creating the best luck for your path.