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20 Years of One Tree Hill Calls For Their Most Craziest Storylines 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lynn chapter.

One Tree Hill is a coming-of-age drama that debuted on September 23, 2003. The show centers on the lives of Nathan and Lucas Scott ( Chad Michael Murray). The two brothers share the same dad but have two different moms and two completely separate lives until their world collides. Lucas tries out for the high school basketball team and makes it and both brothers have relationships with cheer captain Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush) and her artsy best friends Peyton Sawyer and Haley (Lucas’s best friend). The series is 9 seasons long with the wildest storylines! Let’s check it out. 

Nathan and Hailey Get Married 

One Tree Hill did not waste any time jumping into absurd storytelling. By the end of season 1 teenage Haliey and Nathan had decided to get married after they had dated for a few months. Lucas walks in on Haliey half dress while she is talking about not waiting till marriage to have s*x and then she finally says that she got married last night. Crazy right?

Jake Kidnaps His Child 

Jake Jagielski (Bryan Greenberg) was a teen father in One Tree Hill with a crazy ex fighting for custody of their child. Jake avoids going to court and ends up taking his baby and leaving town. 


Pete From Fall Out Boy 

Season 3 of One Tree Hill brought in Pete Wentz as himself! He met Peyton when she booked “Fall Out Boy” to play at her club Tric and they started dating from there. 

Keith Murder 

One of the most devastating stories in One Tree Hill, Lucas’ uncle Keith, was written off the show in one of the most shocking ways! During the traumatic school shooting episode he walks into the school to try to convince Jimmy Edwards not to take his own life after he fails to do so. Keith’s brother Dan, the father of Lucas and Nathan, enters the school and shoots Keith. 

Nathan Gets Involved With Shaving Points 

In Season Four, his wife, Hailey is pregnant, and Nathan, who was struggling with finances as a high school senior. Nathan gets involved with Dante, who is known as a loan shark (Rick Fox) after he wins the State championship, he is told to lose. Dante had hit Haliey with his car and later on in the season, Nathan loses his scholarship for point shaving. 

Lucas, Lindsey, and Peyton Love Triangle 

In season five, Lucas and Lindsey start dating while she edits his book “The Comet” which was clearly about Peyton however, instead of realizing that fact while she was editing the book all while seeing Peyton driving her car a “Comet” around town for months Lindsay somehow thought about it while at the altar as she’s getting married to Lucas. Ultimately, she ends up leaving Lucas standing there alone and breaking his poor heart.

Deb and Skills 

At the end of season five Nathan‘s mom Deb begins dating Skills, one of his best friends who went to high school with him. They hid their romance for a while until coming out as a couple. Ultimately they broke up when she found out he wanted kids. 

Dan and Rachel Are Married 

In Season Seven, Rachel who had gone to Tree Hill High with Lucas, Peyton, and Brooke was quite a shocking reveal in Season 7 as both Rachel and Dan Scott are married. They met when she was working as a stripper and they decided to get together to start a self-help talk show called “Scott for Redemption”. 

Peyton Two Brothers 

Peyton finds out. She has a long-lost brother when the audience meets psycho Derek. He was a man who had lost his girlfriend, so he started stalking Peyton because she looked like her. After Peyton finds out he isn’t who he said he was. He attacked her twice. During the second attack, Brooke came to the rescue and they were able to knock him out with the eighth grade cheer camp routine. Peyton’s real long-lost brother is also named Derek and he was introduced as a marine who was very normal. 

Nanny Carrie 

In season five, nanny Carrie becomes obsessed with Nathan and tries to seduce him multiple times nearly ruining his marriage with Hailey then after being fired as Nathan and Hailey’s nanny for their son Jamie, she kidnaps the son and takes him into a creepy motel room. Luckily to the rescue, Dan caught her and saved Jamie. She comes back in season six as a fake nurse. This time she’s holding Dan captive in a house in the middle of nowhere, when Haliey has this feeling that something was wrong with Dan. She went with Jamie to see what was going on and the two of them ended up being chased in a cornfield by Carrie. Deb shows up and smashes a bottle in her face and then Dan follows up by shooting her. 

A Dog Eats Dan’s Heart: 

Before Dan gets sick, during season six he was the center of one of those most infamous scenes from One Tree Hill. Dan was said to get a heart transplant, and while he was in the waiting room, a staff member, carrying his heart, tripped on a dog leash and dropped the freezer that was carrying the heart. The heart rolled out onto the floor, and a random golden retriever ate it. 

Any storyline involving Clay

Clay joined the show in season seven. He was Nathan‘s agent. He quickly got into a relationship with Haliey’s sister Quinn, but he was haunted by his late wife Sarah. Later Clay was stopped by a woman named Katie Ryan who looked just like his former wife. Eventually, she shot both Clay and Quinn, but it was never fully explained why. Later he started struggling with sleepwalking and checked into a rehab center while he was in there he learned he had a six-year-old son and the doctors have known him for a while, but he’s been blocking out the memory all these years. 

Nathan gets kidnapped 

In the final season of the show, it’s now Nathans’s turn, who gets kidnapped for attempting to sign a Russian basketball player. He was working as an agent by this point not only did Dan come up with an entire plan to get him back, but he enlisted Julian and Chris, Keller and Clay to help. In the end, Dan saves Nathan’s life and seemingly is redeemed for all the awful crimes he committed throughout the series, but he, unfortunately, gets shot in the process of saving Nathan and soon after passes away. 

Can you believe it’s been 20 years since One Tree Hill? We certainly can’t either. There were some incredibly memorable moments throughout its nine seasons from Keith’s death. Dan’s heart is being eaten by a dog. Nanny Carrie crazy antics. The love triangles and many more seriously shocking moments over the Spam of 187 episodes.

Kayla is currently a Senior at Lynn University majoring in Communications  with a focus on social media. Kayla spends a lot of her time participating in a variety of Lynn’s media outlets. Kayla has co hosted a weekly segment for the Lynn radio and for the past year has been a contributor on Her Campus Lynn social media and wrirting for the magazine.