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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LUM chapter.

The final projects are here and the cute outfits are out, meaning it is officially spring at Loyola! Here’s a quick checklist to follow so you can create the picturesque college experience on the perfect sunny day, only thought to be found in movie montages and brochures.  

Picnic blanket and/or Hammock 

Sitting out on the grass under the sun after a long day of classes is a great way to relax and catch up with friends. Picnic blankets are a good idea for big groups, but if you are looking to avoid any bugs, I suggest setting up a hammock and rocking in the warm breeze. 


There will never be a dull moment if you come prepared with games! Throw a frisbee or football around to get moving and create memories. If you’re looking for a more relaxed outing, bring a pack of cards or play Heads Up to keep the energy high all day long.  


Ever wonder what makes those college movie montages so perfect? They have music to establish the good spring vibes! Charge up your speaker and blast your spring playlist to feel present and grounded in these unique college moments.  

Portable charger 

Try to charge your phone before arriving and come prepared with a portable charger that is ready to last. Time goes by fast: you can go from eating lunch outside to watching the sun set. Nobody wants to leave early because of a dead phone.  

A good book 

Find a quiet spot, get comfy, and dig into a new book! Spring is the season of romance and adventures, so pick up a new paperback to pass the time while soaking in the sun. This is also a great way to recharge your social battery without holing up inside your dorm.  

Allergy medicine 

Last on the checklist, but maybe the most important, is any allergy medication you may need. Pollen can be a day ruiner, so make sure to have any pills, nose sprays, or eyedrops on hand to avoid the endless sneezes and itchy eyes!  

Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Kaitlyn (pronouns she/her) is an undergraduate student at Loyola University Maryland, class of 2027. She is a communications major with specializations in journalism and advertising/public relations. She is looking to further her career in the editing and publishing business, working with others to showcase their best work. Kaitlyn's interests range from self-care and wellness to numerous types of media. She is a member of the dance company on campus, exploring the styles of tap, jazz, lyrical, and contemporary dance. You can also find her in the yoga studio or kayaking on the weekends to explore nature. Her interest in nail care knows no bounds, with her nails painted a different color every other week along with a new design, inspired by Pinterest of course. She is an avid reader, spanning genres of mystery, romance, and young adult. Cozying up with a good book and hot chocolate under a blanket is one of Kaitlyn's favorite pastimes. Her favorite musical artists are Taylor Swift, Maisie Peters, and Olivia Rodrigo. Additionally, she watches lots of comedy shows, Brooklyn 99 and New Girl being her favorites. Kaitlyn made it a goal this year to watch more classic movies, as she want to learn more about cinematography and how different time periods affect movie contexts. Overall, Kaitlyn is a dedicated and passionate writer looking to resonate her thoughts and ideas with fellow female college students!